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The Dems Railroading Trump Will Destroy Themselves in The End


They want impeachment so the American people won’t interfere with the next election—Caller to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

The above statement might seem humorous at first, but when you think about it there is a strong air of truth to it. Especially when the perpetually angry Rep. Al Greene stated recently, “We can’t defeat him so we have to impeach him.”


From day one the democrats have tried everything by hook or crook, mostly crook, to remove Trump from office because they could not accept the fact that he won and 65 million people voted for him.

Fist it was Stormy, Stormy, Stormy. When that didn’t work it was Russia, Russia, Russia. When that didn’t work it was Collusion, collusion, collusion. When that didn’t work it was the Mueller report that ended in a whimper instead of the bang they expected. Now 32 million dollars in taxpayers money later it’s impeachment, impeachment, impeachment on the vaguest of charges which they themselves are guilty of. It’s pure Saul Alinsky tactics to blame others for what you do.

But if there is only one clear takeaway from all of the impeachment nonsense over the past few weeks, it’s that House Democrats will not rest until they see President Trump removed from office.

If that means perpetuating investigations on moot issues and intermittently throwing multiple articles of impeachment against him until something finally sticks, so be it. The voters in 2020 are likely the only ones who can put a stop to this ongoing absurdity and they are getting sick and tired of it all. Democrats are leaving the party in droves and many are switching to Independents.

President Trump stated that the inherent unfairness of the House Democrats’ impeachment proceedings along with their refusal to submit articles to the Senate will engender unwanted outcomes for them. The president furthermore noted that Pelosi has previously lost control of the House and will be forced to repeat this pattern yet again.“Pelosi gives us the most unfair trial in the history of the U.S. Congress, and now she is crying for fairness in the Senate, and breaking all rules while doing so. She lost Congress once, she will do it again!” Trump tweeted.

Democrats have abused their power by pushing a hyper-partisan impeachment sham which is so weak and so thin that they are terrified of allowing the Senate to conduct a trial.

Hopefully, the loss of the House majority in 2020 will prompt Pelosi and other Democrats to reconsider certain matters. Already, there is talk about the House attempting to bring NEW articles of impeachment against Trump; this comes as they sit on the current articles and attempt to micromanage how the Senate holds a trial.

People are walking away from the Democrat party in numbers, unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time…But it’s not the “straight, white men” that the DNC wants you to believe are leaving – it’s the marginalized, and that doesn’t bode well for the Left.

LGBT and minorities have had the largest numbers of defectors from the DNC…

And the DNC has nobody to blame but themselves. Only the most hardcore and easily-manipulated believe that the Democrats’ witch-hunt against President Trump is valid and just…

But those with their finger on the pulse realize it was nothing but a political coup—as there is NOTHING there to suggest that anything our president has done is impeachment worthy. They’re sick of it, and they’re leaving the party that lies to gain or keep power.

Many black Trump supporters have said that Trump is the most pro-Black president that we’ve ever hard, citing his prison reform initiatives, revitalization pushes, and high employment rates as evidence to his support for their community. Many have predicted that Trump will get 20% of the black vote next election.

This is what’s happening…The shift is starting…The Dems revealed their nature with the impeachment and proves that Donald Trump isn’t the devil that the Left makes him out to be.

With every day, it becomes more and more obvious that the Senate isn’t going to give in to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s demands. The California Democrat has spent nearly two weeks holding onto the House’s articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, insisting that she wants to be sure the Senate will conduct a fair trial before moving forward — but it seems she’s hit a brick wall in that regard; Senate Republicans aren’t budging.

The latest to take a stand against Pelosi was Sen. Tim Scott, a South Carolina Republican who urged Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Friday not to allow Pelosi any influence over the Senate’s trial.

The senator’s comments came during an appearance Friday on Fox’s The Ingraham Angle with host Jason Chaffetz.

“The wacky House process is just a joke. And unfortunately, for one of the most important and consequential decisions the House could have made, to impeach the president, you would expect an expeditious process for the Senate to start the process,” Scott said, according to Fox. “But it’s not happened.”

He went on: “That’s not happened because Pelosi is not taking this seriously, and, frankly, she is now concerned that the terrible process in the House will be invalidated by the Senate.”

Everyone is doing better under Trump. People have more money in their paychecks because he lowered the FICA tax in their weekly paychecks. He doubled the deductions you can take from under Obama. A married couple has a $24,000 deduction up from $12,000 under Obama. A single person has a $12,000 deduction up from $6000 under Obama, Companies are coming back here in droves from overseas because he lowered the big business tax from 35% to 21%. Foxconn who makes the I-phones is coming back here from England and building a plant that will employ 3000 people. Ford is coming back from Mexico and building two plants here that will hire thousands of people. Hillary wanted to raise the business tax to 40%. If she got in and raised that tax companies would leave and many would-be laying off people causing unemployment to go way up instead of being the lowest in 50 years under Trump. Yes, we would be living in dark days if Hillary got in which is another reason Trump must get in again in 2020.

It’s just plain true that the Democrats cooked up this impeachment thing so the American people will not pay attention to all that Donald Trump has accomplished.


To kick a president out of office you need two things, a really serious crime like
TREASON or MURDER or such, not that he handled some action, not to their utmost satisfaction. The Democrats will need more than impeachment and lies to run a successful President out of office, that’s for sure!

Trump’s policies have actually done what every Democratic candidate has claimed they would do, improve the economy and include the Black Community in that good fortune. First time ever and the best numbers for the Black Community in decades,

Democrats are the party of dependency while Trump is making us independent again. The democrats are the party of slavery. They are the ones who started the KKK. They are the ones who instituted welfare to keep the minorities under their thumb just for their votes. Americans of color are waking up to the fact the Democrats are nothing but COMMIES. They lie, cheat, and murder to try and stay in power.

At this time, the House Speaker remains committed to withholding the articles from the Senate and taking aim at President Trump. Pelosi either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that her party’s crusade to overthrow a duly-elected, innocent president will only have the opposite effect.

Dems have done nothing FOR our wallets in over two decades and they obviously have no plans to do so in the future. The democrats are the party of high taxes and open borders. To those who vote democrat this year, I say that is your privilege, but you dig your grave and you lay in it as well as America’s grave. Think about that before you pull that lever or sign that ballot.

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Jim Clayton

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  1. Trump will get 20% of black vote? Shortly after Trump took office, it came out that he had gotten 19% of black vote in election, but that black support had gone up to 39% within about a year of him taking office. That number has continued to climb. At this point, it’s probably more like 60% of black vote but it is for sure at least 39%. Please check your figures again, and you might want to give a SOURCE for that 19% figure, so you can be taken seriously.

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