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Will Democrats Demand Voluntary Black Sacrifices to Their God?

As with all lies and hoaxes, the veil covering the Global Warming Hoax is finally shredding and exposing the ‘real’ motives behind the fake news-less media and Democrat’s evil and frenzied Satanic movement.

It never was or will be a movement about global cooling or warming. Instead, it has always been a scheme about ‘controlling’ the masses in a way that suits the sick and evil preferences of a few wealthy liberal elites wanting to eliminate citizen votes!

These liberals disguised as ‘so-called wise scientists’ expect to compel people to volunteer submission to their elite ‘better-than-us’ demands.

Consider in 1973, TIME magazine posted blaring front-page fake news articles like: “The Cooling of America”; “The Big Freeze” and “How to Survive the Coming Ice Age.”

Even sub-headings were used to change the minds of doubters of their front-page fake news stories like, “Things You Can Do to Make a Difference.”

Please take a moment to imagine how it’s possible for any person or persons to successfully change or alter the Moon’s orbit. That’s what it would take to change the planet’s climate! Imagine what this would do to women’s menstrual cycles.

‘Scientific’ fake illogic is also a part of the same insane movement to announce there are no longer two but multiple genders. If fake science can change the orbit of the Moon, then it can also announce multiple genders. What’s next?

Since one of the ‘public’ World Climate Conferences (Geneva 1979), ‘Globalist elites’ falsely believed this would be the best possible way that a few wealthy people could finally rule and control the world’s population and wealth.

Unfortunately, wealth often leads to power lusts that give birth to tyrants. Tyrants give birth to pain, suffering, starvation, poverty, and despicable human living conditions. Just check out living conditions in any socialist country.

But wait! No need to go to foreign countries, just look no further than California. Immoral, insane, and Godless ignoramuses telling sane people what’s best, while the reality is the State is moving quickly to 3rd world socialist country status.

Tyrants, in turn, suffer the loss of perspective about reality and all sorts of decadent ideas creep into their demented minds. Next, they falsely believe it would be better to have a world of similar thinkers – no alternative opposition.

Since the beginnings of time, arrogance has led people to attempt all sorts of ways to control the masses – especially using ‘Respectable Organizations’ to promote their ideologies. Democrats are no different.

Similar ‘wise scientists’ met in New York where Dr. Knopf, a member of Margaret Sanger’s American Birth Control League (ABCL), to proclaim the world was entering a massive “Black” issue where Black populations are out of control, so “Blacks” had to be exterminated.

Guess what? Dr. Knopf’s message of “they (Blacks) would take over the world’s population if nothing is done” resonated with other elites and countries around the world and Sanger’s Planned Parenthood was born as the means to carry out this sick edict.

What’s even more amazing is the Democrat Party quickly volunteered their endorsement to legitimize the plan and give it stability. Democrats then devised public messages and promotions to convince Black women it’s just best to murder their children and it worked.

Well, while difficult to believe, the Democrat Party is still funding and working in tandem with Planned Parenthood and Black babies remain their number one target and keep voting Democrat. Hmm…

Yes, sane people find it difficult to believe these things can happen in America, but Democrats keep their dirty deals under the radar while using their sycophant media accomplices to purify their evil – just like all the hoaxes perpetrated on President Trump.

With the support of the United Nations – an anti-American organization, the Global Warming Hoax meetings became open and announced. Some of their better-known conferences were the 1992 Rio Summit, the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, and the 2015 Paris Agreement.

These are meetings always easily recognized because of the thousands of climate terrorists flying their private jets to meet and tell us how bad it is for us to use planes, cars, trucks, boats, and fossil fuels. The proverbial cliché, ‘good for thee… not for me.’

Fortunately, a few wise countries tell them to ‘take a hike’ and let America pay for their perverted dreams. Again, Democrats support and pay the tab while media sycophants sing their songs.

Then thank God we elected a US President willing to stand against them and tell them to ‘go to Hell.’

Now, can you understand why impeachment of a duly elected President of the United States started 19-minutes after his inauguration? FYI: He’s also told Planned Parenthood the same thing while the media and Democrats call him a racist!

That said, you must then understand these elitists are now demanding leaders from all countries proceed with the termination of all people – not just Blacks, to address the Global Warming Hoax.

How do country leaders pick and choose who will be terminated? The ‘scientists’ don’t provide this formula in their homily, so it leads us to guess the targets. Should we think conservatives, this time?

Since we know they are anti-Black from inception, one could easily conclude Blacks would be at the top of their lists, once again – especially conservative Blacks.

So, what will be the plays coming from the Democrat’s sick and twisted playbook?

One may guess, but shouldn’t we easily assume it’s higher taxes, squashing the 2016 election investigations, adding Supreme Court Justices, eliminating the electoral college, tearing down the Trump wall, open borders, sex slavery, illegal drugs, impeachment, turning against law enforcement personnel, abolishing ICE, more abortions, unmasking Lady Liberty, supporting China, and more child sex trafficking to replace the complications from losing Jeffery Epstein?

There is no doubt the Democrats support of the ‘New Green Deal’ is going to force sacrifices but in this instance, they are now demanding deadly sacrifices! If you think it’s gone too far and they are not serious about murdering people, please consider what they have accomplished with Planned Parenthood!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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