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Why Do Liberals Destroy Cookies?

Ever observe a child that just can’t wait to grab and destroy a cookie, piece of cake, soda, or whatever? The facial expressions at this early age are undeniable. It’s going to happen… just a matter of when –  right?

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are seeing liberals (adults) with the same expressions and intensity but it’s not about something as innocent as a cookie to be demolished! It’s much more nefarious and dangerous to all!

We are now overrun with Liberals reverting to infant antics. Can anyone deny there are differences between infant and Liberal facial expressions? Something is going to get destroyed… just don’t know when!

Psychology teaches us that children are predominantly focused upon themselves (total self-awareness) until moving into their double-digit years when they begin to broaden their mindset into becoming aware and respectful of others.

As infants progress through life, we see them learning to share their toys, being alarmed when another child cries, excited about another child playing with their puppy, and the like. Once children move out of their total self-awareness mindset, then and only then will maturity begin.

Even the most liberal psychologists accept this principle in addressing children’s mental disorders. When a teen remains in the self-awareness mindset, it’s a mental problem.

To understand why we are seeing more teen and young adult mental disorders, look no further than the advent of labor union educations coupled with cell phones allowing them to literally ‘live’ an isolated lifestyle on their phones.

This obstructs maturity by the elimination of critical parts of life’s real-world and people interaction essentials. If the first steps in life are flawed, what can we anticipate about the rest?

Failure to interact with people in real life will eventually force the destruction of a society. As an example, just imagine California on steroids.

Liberals took control of California and now we have a state-wide governing system whereby we vote Liberals into government because they share an ideology – not the ability to manage and govern.

Candidates for public office are now loud-mouthed homosexuals, environmentalists, tree-huggers, anti-farmers, racists, drug addicts, child sex promoters, and extremists running our State and living here has never been so bad.

Everything in California is now run on ‘emotions’ instead of facts, truth, basic math, science, and accounting. These are critical basic foundations needed by any society to succeed but now discarded by Californians as being racist, sexist, or something.

Imagine spending billions of taxpayer dollars on a green new deal rail system that doesn’t work! Yes, it was an emotional dream developed by ‘spaced out’ government leaders but they can’t and won’t admit it. It must be President Trump’s fault, right?

Psychologists would have no choice but to diagnose those governing California with a mental disorder because the self-awareness mindset is totally infant by denying considerations of others.

Liberal California’s destruction of our State must become the icon for what happens when liberals gain positions of authority within government! If we elect government officials having no ability to interact with others and only self-awareness mindsets, we are doomed!

While being a homosexual may be okay with some, homosexuals had better awaken to the fact that what someone does in their bedroom does not automatically make them a good government official. Brains and abilities should trump sexual preferences, right?

Liberals are openly choosing to destroy decent and honorable people that should be elected because they won’t promote their ‘special interest’ goals.

So, we can only conclude Liberals remain in the self-awareness infant stage of mental development. That means we have infants attempting to perform like adults but do not have sufficient mental capacity to do so.

The professional diagnosis of ‘Trump Deranged Syndrome’ is apropos for this mental disorder since this is when the mental disorders became so widespread.

For Liberals, anything President Trump does or says is wrong and he’s the cookie that must be destroyed by other infants posing as adults.

Liberals are not capable of conversations, they mess their pants when challenged, they have no legitimate ideas, and they only cry and whine.

These are not leaders or people to support but instead, are mental infants with horrible mental illnesses that need to be referred to professional health care.

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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