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Bloomberg News Fears What An Investigation Would Dig Up On Presidential Candidate Bloomberg

Bloomberg News Agency recently announced that they will not do any investigating nor any reporting on the presidential candidacy of Michael Bloomberg, the man who founded and led Bloomberg News for many years. The Bloomberg News people also announced that they will also give a pass to all Democrat presidential candidates, and will refrain from investigating and reporting on them, as well as the Bloomberg candidacy. Exactly what is the Bloomberg News group afraid of in candidate Bloomberg’s past or present that they have to spike the story in advance? My, oh my, is it great being a Democrat, or what!

Of course during the remainder of the Trump administration and during the Trump candidacy for the 2020 election, the Bloomberg News agency will report every lie they can generate and every negative detail they can find on Trump and his campaign staff.

One can assume that this stance in favor of all Democrat candidates for president in 2020 will make Bloomberg News a front-group apologist for Democrats and will assure their favorable handling in the national news, because the lack of honest, and even a lack of unfavorable, reporting, is a favorable report.

But can one also expect CNN, WAPO or NYT to remain quiet at this in-the-open collaboration between the Bloomberg News agency and the Bloomberg candidacy? You can bet your butt they will, while still attacking and harassing President Trump for every possible transgression under the sun, even when it’s an imaginary transgression. Can everyone not see the collusive, investigation tampering and justice dampening outcome that this policy generates, given that every bad thing learned about candidate Bloomberg will be immediately spiked by the news group?

Could this refusal to investigate the Bloomberg candidacy be considered impeding justice for any wrong uncovered, but kept firmly under wraps?

And is it wise or desirable to cover up any negative information discovered to a candidate’s disfavor while that person is still a candidate, rather than wait until he/she actually becomes president and is then belatedly found to have broken a law, and only at that late date, create a constitutional crisis and national chaos as investigations, and perhaps impeachment, are carried out?

There is something very stinky about this proposal of Bloomberg News, and I’d say it will not help the Bloomberg candidacy at all, but rather hurt it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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