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Adam Schiff’s Exhaustive Impeachment Hearings Were a Flop

Since Day One the impeachment hearings were never must-see TV. Sure, it was interesting and substantive at times, which would be complimented if this were some sort of graduate school seminar about the lonely lives and confusing experiences of far-flung diplomats.

The hearings were designed to make you feel sympathy for the witnesses and to stand mortified as they described how Donald Trump allegedly treated them.

This was supposed to be a congressional hearing to determine whether to file charges against and the ultimate removal of a sitting president of the United States. By that standard, the Adam Schiff clown show was a flop. Not a single witness had first-hand knowledge of the call.

What were they even doing there? Everything they said would be “hearsay” in a real court of law.  No, all these hearings are designed to do– humiliate Donald Trump. However, his approval rating keeps rising. So much for that plan.

When Schiff wasn’t lying about something, he was restricting the GOP’s questions. What kind of hearing did we just watch?


Most would call it an absolute flop, except that, would suggest a sense of drama the day never produced. A five-hour slog that doesn’t hit pay dirt or end up anywhere meaningful can’t be sensational.

The Schiff clown show was more of a quiet disaster. Imagine watching paint dry and you’ll get the picture. Still, the impact is significant. At the start of the day, impeachment was a one-party fever, and so it remains.

Nothing that happened Wednesday changes that critical dynamic. At this point, time and the public’s tolerance are not the impeachers’ friends.

The NY Post wrote:

“If Democrats think they advanced their case for impeachment with the first day of hearings into the Ukraine matter, they are deluding themselves. The proceedings were confusing, not clarifying.

Speaking as someone who has followed this matter in granular detail, I found it extremely difficult to tease out the set of undeniable facts that would prove Donald Trump did something so appalling, he should be the first president in history to be removed from ­office and only the third to be impeached. And I ­assure you, I am willing to be convinced.”

In the second hearing, the question remains: was Trump unfair to our ambassador to Ukraine in relieving her of her duties? The Democrats make it seem that he was — but firing her was his right under the Constitution and it’s unquestionable. Did he use people outside the ordinary chain of authority to give him advice on Ukraine and help him make policy? He did — but, once again, it was his right under the Constitution.

What Adam Schiff wasn’t expecting was Trump planned on releasing the official call transcript during the show. Yet, the mainstream media remained silent.


I am wondering if someone even thought to bring up how grotesquely Obama treated the Ukrainians. Where was the outrage machine then? The leftist media and talking heads were too busy praising him to bring up his controversies. But, at least Trump delivered defense weapons instead of giving them blankets as the Obama administration did.

What good would blanket be to Ukraine as they are being attacked by Russia? President Trump has done 100% more for Ukraine than Obama ever did.  So, ask yourself this, why is Trump being considered for impeachment when he went well over what he was expected to do?

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James Ledbetter

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  1. Lowcountry_CERT@yahoo.com
    I was on the edge of my seat, when the former ambassador started coughing artificially.
    You could literally SEE her SWEATING!
    For me as an emergency doctor this is THE sign of somebody LYING.

  2. The Democrats have been impeaching Trump since the inauguration and planning it from the moment he announced his intention to run. Democrats hate hate HATE Donald J. Trump. If they could get away with it, Democrats would murder him along with his entire family. They’d take his money, of course. But the level of hate, the bile, the rage, is totally out of proportion to anything approaching rational. It is entirely irrational and driven purely by raw emotion. Democrats love to hate. Hate gets their blood flowing. Democrats love hate so much they organize themselves into groups to better manage their hate, to squeeze as much hate out of the time available as possible. Groups like KKK, ANTIFA, BLM, Code Pink, Extinction Rebellion . . . and those are just a few of the visible Democrat hate groups. Social media is dominated by actual leftists (who vote and support Democrats) and algorithms, AI, and bots that are written, designed, and executed by leftists (who vote and support Democrats). And they all love to hate Trump.

  3. @KilgoreHoover I completely agree. You would think at some point, the left would give up and accept the 2016 election results, right?

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