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Welfare Fraud??? Hint… Hint… Look No Further Than Congress!

Periodically, the DOJ alerts America about the arrest and prosecution of some little old lady in some remote county for defrauding our welfare programs.

“Yep, we caught her red-handed” they’ll say. Guilty of taking $105 dollars unlawfully. OMG!

However, the reality of such public notices only serves to protect Democrat voters (government employees) by letting America know ‘Detective Clouseau’ is always looking over our shoulders and on the job.

So, America please rest easy and go back to sleep, right? Never mind developing permanent programs that monitor government fraud, waste, and abuse. That would be too extreme!

When America was founded, our representatives in Congress were principled, loyal, and dedicated public servants adopting the Constitution and prayer as their daily guide.

Elected officials were once reputable neighbors, members of our churches, businesspeople, and regulars at our coffee shops. They recognized who was paying them, respected them, and listened.

These were devoted American Patriots striving for Godly results in all they did along with being government watchdogs monitoring taxpayer money to ensure Americans were always rewarded – never cheated, for their investments into America, right?

Then somewhere along the line, bank robbers and thieves figured out by being elected to Congress, it would be much easier to “rob and steal” without any fear of criminal charges.

If anyone doubts this accusation, take out a piece of paper, draw a line down the center of the page, and on one side list those in Congress best described as Patriots (pro American citizens). On the other side, list the schemers, crooks, and anti-Americans. Any further doubts?

Today’s Congress can best be described not as Democrats and Republicans, but as Patriots and Anti-Americans. It’s that stark of a comparison.

Many of us keep waiting and hoping any Democrat will come from the shadows of the anti-American cabal to proclaim their allegiance to America and step on the side of patriotism, but it hasn’t happened.

Today’s Democrat Party is focused only on the destruction of the US Constitution and tyranny. Citizens be damned!

Meanwhile, more and more Republicans are stepping out of the Patriot class and moving into the Anti-American cabal.

Honestly America, something must be done to eradicate the Anti-American cabal now serving in Congress. This is not a good thing for America or the world!

America is all about being a Republic – not a socialist dictatorship. However, if one should listen to what the Democrat Presidential hopefuls and many in Congress are yelling about, it’s inconceivable they understand living in America is all about freedom!

Is it possible for any normal person to imagine the sort of self-serving arrogance these Anti-Americans have? Just pick any one of these tyrannical hopefuls and tell someone you would welcome having them live in your home to help raise your children.

Most Americans would NOT go to a public restroom with any politician much less invite them into our homes, right? Today’s politicians are mostly self-serving egotistical maniacal people.

As Patriots, we must address today’s political theater with at least these two points: 1) we must eject most from the public sectors, and 2) pray they will seek or be forced to obtain appropriate mental health care and restored to normalcy.

You see, attempting to overthrow a duly elected President – without cause, tells us they have no respect for the rule of law, our Constitution, or what voters want.

These are not the sort of people our founding fathers ever intended to be at the helm of government. Instead, they are making fools of themselves and America.

The days of determining public servants by the ‘R’ or ‘D’ after one’s name is over. In today’s political arena, we must decide if one is either pro or anti-American. There is no grey area!

Many suggest we need to form a new political party called “Patriots.” A political party with only two planks: 1) the US Constitution, and 2) Judeo-Christian values. A political party where people enter and exit government service without the sole purpose of personal financial enrichment.

Yes, we need a political party full of Patriots understanding their responsibilities are to serve American citizens – never to be served!

Meanwhile, is it too much to ask those same self-serving government agencies locking up little old ladies for $105 in welfare fraud to just move into the DC area and prosecute the anti-Americans in Congress that are defrauding Americans out of millions?

Can’t we stop the circles of fraud in Congress from funding labor unions and then labor unions funding Democrats? Can we stop the circles of fraud in Congress funding ‘special projects’ with their friends and families and then they fund Democrats?

Where is the justice in America? Why doesn’t prosecution work when it comes to fraud, waste, and abuse committed by elite anti-Americans?

Can lady justice survive when only ‘selective’ law enforcement prevails? Doesn’t common sense expose the impossibility of anyone having financial worth of 100’s of dollars entering Congress but exiting as zillionaires?

Come on man! How difficult could it be for the DOJ or even Congressional Janitors to bring government fraud and abuse charges against the vast majority of those currently serving in Congress?

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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