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Fake News CBS And NBC Mock Trump For Leaving Syria


During the Vietnam War which was started by a democrat John Kennedy and escalated by his predecessor Lyndon Bains Johnson, (LBJ) demonstrators took to the streets for six long years yelling epithets like “Bring Our Troops Home” and “Out Now.”  I still have newspaper clippings from that time. It was a republican Richard Nixon who got us out of there.

Years later another republican George W.  Bush got us into Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. The world was united for a while then after several years of us being there people demonstrated again and shouted out things like “endless wars.” It wasn’t until a liberal democrat, Barrack Obama got us out of Iraq, but he opened a whole new can of worms by allowing ISIS tof orm and take over and he got us into Syria. We were only supposed to be there for 30 days but ended up there for years. Nobody protested when it was under Obama.

Now Donald Trump made a promise to end these endless wars and is keeping that promise by pulling troops out of Afghanistan and Syria. Now protestors are screaming not to pull out and put an end to these endless wars because of who Trump is to them.

Whenever American troops are stationed abroad, liberal media outlets play up any loss of life to embarrass Republican presidents and turn the American people against the effort. The media usually opposes foreign wars.

But now that Donald Trump is trying to end foreign wars, the media is claiming the President is “retreating” and dishonoring America.

Both fake news CBS and NBC gleefully played a video of Kurds throwing stones and potatoes at American troops as they fulfilled Donald Trump’s orders to end Barack Obama’s disastrous war in Syria.

 Newsbusters reports:

Foreign correspondent Holly Williams began her report by pointing out the “potatoes and other objects being thrown at an American convoy by furious locals in northeastern Syria today. They also hurled abuse.”

She lamented how the U.S. used to be “beloved” in the region and pushed an assertion that President Trump was responsible for “ethnic cleansing”:

In this part of the world, the U.S. was popular, even beloved. Kurdish-led forces were America’s closest partners on the ground in the fight against ISIS in Syria. Now they say they have been betrayed as American troops withdraw to neighboring Iraq, the Kurds have invited Syrian regime forces into their territory. 200,000 civilians have reportedly fled the clashes with Turkey.

“Mr. President, what makes you think you have the right to drive millions of Kurds out of their homes,” tweeted a Kurdish spokesman. “Isn’t this ethnic cleansing?”

The media reveled in what they claimed were images of U.S. troops being humiliated because they thought it made Donald Trump look bad. And for journalists that is what it all comes down to. They don’t care about the safety and well-being of America’s heroes. And they don’t care about abandoning their usual opposition to war when Republican presidents are in office.

The thing is.1) The Kurds and Turks have been feuding for thousands of years. 2) the WORLD has been supporting them for decades, 3) the Kurds in 2017 released over 1100 ISIS fighters we had captured. It is time to take care of our own.

Where are the other members of the United Nations?  Why must it always be the Americans who fight and lose their lives in some foreign country?  President Trump is right, it is not our place to babysit the Kurds or any other nation forever. They must look after themselves or suffer the consequences.

The MSM is communist. They will do anything to take down America, including selling it out. When the democratic  LEFT and the Lamestream Media are against something like this, there is NO better guarantee that President Trump has done THE RIGHT and CORRECT thing.

Less than 50 TROOPS left the Kurds! IT WASN’T THOUSANDS!? Those people have been fighting among one another for hundreds of years. What difference would it make to LEAVE then to fight their own battles? WE ARE NOT THE WORLD’S POLICE!

In the early afternoon of October 17, Trump announced that a cease-fire was in effect. There was no blood being spilled on the Turkish-Syrian border for the first time since 2011.

By threatening Turkey with tariffs – instead of troops – President Trump had secured a tentative peace along the border.  Whether that peace will hold long enough for Russia and Iran to broker a peace deal between the Kurds, Syria and Turkey remain to be seen. But in the meantime, no American troops will have to die in the crossfire of a fight that is none of America’s business.

Once again, President Trump’s instincts were absolutely correct. And every single one of his opponents lied to the American people and was wrong about the outcome.

trump is the storm

While everyone else was calling for an orgy of blood, Donald Trump negotiated a tentative peace deal along the Turkey-Syria border for the first time in 8 years.

The agreement requires the Kurds to move out of a 20-mile zone on the Turkish border with Syria.T hey have until 6 p.m. local time next Tuesday to do so.

After that, Russian forces will patrol the border to ensure compliance. Sanctions or tougher penalties could be further imposed by the U.S. if Turkey breaks the ceasefire agreement. In other words President Trump also said he will  lift sanctions against Turkey, ‘unless something happens that we’re not happy with’

This is a victory for Trump’s policy to put a stop to “endless wars.” He campaigned strongly on a “Trump Doctrine” of non-intervention in foreign conflicts unless vital U.S. interests were at stake.


“Let someone else fight over this long-bloodstained sand,” Trump added, although he also said a small number of troops would remain in Syria to secure oil reserves, a goal he often voices when discussing the region.

Trump said the time had come for the U.S. to wash its hands of involvement in the region, despite past assurances to the Kurds that the U.S. would defend them in return for their service against Islamic State.

“Turkey, Syria and all forms of the Kurds have been fighting for centuries,” he said. “We have done them a great service. We’ve done a great job for all of them, and now we’re getting out.”

Trump stood with top officials including Pence and Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo. His remarks were heavily focused on blaming others, including former President Barack Obama, for instability in the region.

This was an outcome created by us, the United States and nobody else, no other nation, very simple. We’re willing to take blame and we’re also willing to take credit,” Trump said as he thanked Erdogan and suggested the two might meet soon.

“Our troops are safe. And the pain and suffering of the three-day fight that occurred was directly responsible for our ability to make an agreement with Turkey and the Kurds that could never have been made without this short-term outburst,” Trump asserted.

“Should Turkey fail to honor its obligations, including the protection of religious and ethnic minorities, which I truly believe they will do, we reserve the right to reimpose crippling sanctions, including substantially increased tariffs on steel and all other products coming out of Turkey,” he said.

Trump said Wednesday that nearly all U.S. troops will be leaving Syria but some will remain to safeguard oil fields in Syria. Russian forces have already begun joint patrols with Turkish forces along the Turkish-Syrian border.

Trump’s statement follows an early morning tweet, where he announced a “safe zone” along the Turkey-Syria border, and voiced optimism after the initial 120-hour pause in the Turkish military operation there ended.

Naturally, critics are unhappy with that saying we are selling out the Kurds, an important ally. They complain we are in endless wars then when Trump does something about it they complain he shouldn’t do that. Well they can’t have it both ways. President Trump demonstrated a universal truth: Nobody wants to die! This is true of Americans, Syrians, Kurds, Russians, Iranians and even the mercenaries in Syria. Trump is saving lives. He secured a permanent peace deal in Syria without any American bloodshed, but to these liberal detractors, Trump is damned if he does anything and damned if he doesn’t.


In the future, the US should be very wary of these half-assed military interventions. Stop being the world’s policeman for every little tribal spat and when it’s time to step in throw a couple of divisions at the problem and let the coalition partners hang around to clean up the mess.  In and out…no lingering around for 17 years.

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  1. The Kurds seemed pretty proficient with their rock-throwing at friendly troops, maybe they could defend themselves from those who mean them harm as well. They’re a pretty touchy bunch, if you ask me.

  2. “Give a man a fish & he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for life”

    We’ve given the Kurds and many nations both a fish and taught them how to fish……at an enormous cost that goes far beyond the dollar figure. America has sacrificed farmers, merchants, lawyers, teachers, landscapers, SONS, DAUGHTERS, MOTHERS & FATHERS so that others might have a slice of American freedoms.______Let me also add our VETERANS that go without the help they need to recover from the physical harm and never UNsee the horrors they saw.

    Is this withdrawal timely? I share the anxieties of many, and do not know. I leave that to others, praying they are right.

    One more quote; “Charity begins at Home”

    Mary, think you’re on to something

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