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Watch: Joe Biden, What Are You Hiding?

The Republican National Committee released an ad Monday that points out the clear conflict of interest and alleged bribery scandal centered on Hunter Biden’s employment by a corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma Holdings.


What Did the Bidens do in Ukraine?

Hunter was being paid $50,000 per month to sit on the Burisma board, despite having no experience in the gas and oil sector. He also had no experience working in Ukraine or sitting on the board of directors of such a large company.

A Ukrainian prosecutor began investigating Burisma for corruption and reports said that Hunter was part of the probe. Soon afterward, then-Vice President Joe Biden flew to Ukraine and told their president that he would only release $1 Billion to Ukraine if the prosecutor investigating Burisma was fired.

The prosecutor was fired that same day and the replacement prosecutor immediately closed the investigation into Burisma and declared that there was no wrongdoing.

Why Are Democrats Going After Trump, but Not Biden?

As part of his duties under the “take care” clause of the Constitution, President Trump recommended that the current president of Ukraine look into the situation with the Biden’s and Burisma. Democrats are holding impeachment inquiries over this request, but no probe into Biden’s bribe has been initiated.

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  1. POWER & GREED, along with fear that their own dirty laundry will surface. I suspect that 99% of both houses and both parties have a secret or two in their past. “Me thinks thou doest protest too much”. Good old boy, Uncle Joe is one of their own (for now) and it’s Trump must go, by ANY means !! The Elitist truly are Socialist surrounded by Harvey Milktoast led by the rings in their noses. I would also venture to say that very few actually know what a Socialist run government even means.

    IF the true Americans want to keep and restore this great nation they’ll have to step out of their comfort zone and FIGHT for it by being ACTIVE in these elections. Life isn’t fair, it’s what you make of it. Since all of our brains aren’t in an ‘assisted’ living home, we don’t need the government telling us how or what to think…..

    We have a choice….not making one is also a choice…However small the act, it grows when added to others and is equally .important. If we all do our best united, the swamp water will recede.

    In prayer for our God given country

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