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Tree of Liberty – Grrr Graphics – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Thomas Jefferson repeatedly warned us about tyrants taking over our government and ignoring the law.

Right now we see many corrupt operatives in government who are above the law. One of Jefferson’s most famous quotes was about how the tree of liberty may need to get watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time. I decided to illustrate his quote.

The power-mad authoritarian control freaks in government are slowly heating a pot. We the citizens are the frogs in that pot. Are we supposed to keep waiting until a full, roiling boil comes about?

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For many of us, the time to water the tree of liberty will come about when they order us to give up our guns. Most gun owners will become boiling mad and not participate. That’s why they’re slowly turning up the heat by trying to implement ‘common sense’ gun control laws. They may seem reasonable on the surface, but the end game is always full confiscation.

Tyrants don’t want their slaves armed. 

We already lost the Fourth Amendment. We have no privacy—government can watch everything we do, record our phone calls, and grope us at airports. Our First Amendment is under attack right now. We were kicked off of Facebook for a while over a Tommy Robinson cartoon I drew a few years ago. Freedom of speech is going away on social media. The traitors want Chinese-style censorship and a social credit system.

The on-going attack on our Second Amendment is just as relentless. This will be the final line and we must not let the tyrants cross it.

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—Ben Garrison

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