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The Self-Serving, Socialist Dufuss Known As Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes (AOC)


In recent years, the plight of student loan debt has received national attention in the United States of America. Countless young people willingly take out student loans in order to attend college; years later, they wrap up college and are unable to find work and otherwise settle into the real world. The inability to find work or one’s desired job doesn’t erase the owed debts of student loans, hence the downward spiral which so many Americans have experienced.

There’s been an attempt to quite literally pass the buck when it comes to student loan debt. Democrats who are running in the 2020 presidential election are now promising to “erase” student loan debt; the factual version of that means that if a Democrat weasels their way into office, they’re going to push for legislation which transfers student loan debt to individuals who never signed up for it.

Ocasio-Cortez is a fake liberal that has no concept of personal responsibility. She has no clue what it means to pay back what she has borrowed from the federal government, so she could attend a school to get the education that she now uses to screw up the United States.

On Tuesday, the congresswoman appeared at the House Financial Services Committee hearing; this gathering focused on reducing the collective $1.5 trillion dollars which is owed in student loan debt.

During this hearing, Ocasio-Cortez confessed that she owes approximately $20,000 in student loan debt. After this admission, the congresswoman pointed the finger at Republicans and noted that she made a modest payment to decrease her debt.

In a political stunt that no one cares about. She made a student loan payment while sitting in a committee meeting. So now she has admitted that she wastes time and taxpayer money to not pay attention to what is happening in the meeting. She only cares about herself and what she has to do for the rest of the day.

She used this payment as the grounds to push her socialist agenda of canceling all the student loan debt for the entire country. This is a self-serving attempt by her to get her debt canceled, so she does not have to pay the money back to a lender. This is money that she is legally obligated to pay back. And now she wants to have it all forgiven. Wormy Ocasio-Cortez is a freeloading politician that thinks everything should just be given to her on a golden platter.

It’s great that she made a payment of over $1,000, but who cares. Most people make payments on their student loans every day and never get high-five for doing so.

Wormy Ocasio-Cortez stated that “So I feel accomplished right now.” She should feel accomplished because she has done the right thing and paid back on a promissory note to pay back the money she borrowed. Her socialist agenda to cancel the debt of people for student loans is just one attempt by her to make college free to everyone. Free programs are never free.

They are paid for by the citizens of the country at a great cost and a great loss. The freeloaders never learn responsibility and that will destroy a nation in one generation. She is the only person that is complaining about having to pay back the money she promised to pay back. And now she wants to see it canceled.

The worm has stated that the national student loan debt problem is out of control. The average person owes $31,172 in student loans. That is not a lot when it is spread out over 30 years. She has also stated that “I’m hearing people on this committee say it’s not our job. This is our job.” She believes that it is her job to mother adults because she believes that the choices they have made with their lives have ruined them. This is her way of racially judging others because of their debt.

People do not need the big government telling them what to do. The people of the country need the government to stay out-of-the-way, so they can live their lives. It is not the job of Congress to forgive the loans people have promised to pay back. Even Ocasio-Cortez’s sister of the hood Omar has stated the same thing regarding student loans. And her daddy Bernie Sanders has demanded that these loans be forgiven.


The socialist crowd in Congress wants this to happen, so they can appear to be loving and generous as they begin to process of robbing the rest of the nation of what is rightfully theirs. They want to see America struggling to survive because of the socialist agenda.

This dumb idea is as big as her mouth when she opens it. It is a ridiculous idea that has self-serving motives pushing for Congress to forgive her student loan debt. Ocasio-Cortez needs to grow up and pay off the money that she promised she would pay back when she signed the loan papers.

All the socialists believe that this would allow the Millennials the chance to buy homes and save money. These dreams can happen, but they will all need to work at those dreams. What Ocasio-Cortez fails to realize is that most people will not run out and buy a home. They will not save their money because they will find other ways to spend that few hundred dollars a month.

When people choose to take out student loans, they do so with the expectation and knowledge that they must pay these loans back. This isn’t news. Not a single Republican forced Ocasio-Cortez to take out student loans which put her $20,000 in the hole. Perhaps the congresswoman would do well to use her six figure salary to pay off her loans once and for all instead of pointing the finger at the GOP.

AOC is full of excuses while she lives in a fancy apartment totally forgetting the people who supposedly voted for this moron. I never heard someone make so many excuses as to why nothing is her fault in my life, what a loser.

Now AOC is falling into the democrat excuse of calling everyone who disagrees with them a racist. Whenever progressives are losing an argument or otherwise being called out, they resort to playing the race card. This card is beyond old and maxed out, but it’s the best that progressives have got. When referring to their critics as racist, this faction of the Democrat Party doesn’t have to try to defend ideas and policies which are absolutely abysmal. Crying racism allows progressives to escape accountability whilst simultaneously shielding themselves from debates and honest conversations.

racist dems

One of the most infamous progressives who plays the race card quite frequently is House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. In the eyes of this congresswoman, everyone who challenges her ideas or leans even slightly right-of-center is a racist.

Ocasio-Cortez’s latest employment of this straw man argument came after a GOP ad called out the pitfalls of socialism; she immediately branded the ad as racist, because she didn’t like the fact that her face was used to signify socialism in the ad.

The ad which AOC is branding as racist features Elizabeth Hang, a Republican woman of color, calling out the dangers of socialism. New Faces GOP published the ad with a caption stating that “a new generation of conservatives” should lead, rather than socialists like Ocasio-Cortez.

As you can imagine, Ocasio-Cortez wasted no time in branding the ad as racist. Of course, anyone who watches this ad will see that not a single mention of race came up. What’s interesting is that Democrats regularly claim that they want to hear the voices of people of color, but when that person of color is conservative, such as Hang, all of a sudden, Democrats aren’t so interested anymore.

Ocasio-Cortez promptly threw a temper tantrum after the release of New Faces GOP’s ad; the congresswoman branded the ad as a “love letter” to white supremacists and expressed outrage over the burning of her face in the ad.

Calling out socialism and its dangers is not racist. As long as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other radical progressives like her continue to promote socialism, they should expect more ads like the latest by New Faces GOP.


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  1. AOC is a prime example of the mischief that results from voters not paying attention and staying home. Her election was accomplished by a small fraction of the citizens living in her district. They are the only people in this country who have no valid right to complain of her actions, words and/or beliefs; they are the ones who had the poser to elect or reject her, so they got what they deserve. As for the rest of us, we as a whole, have elected this Congress, supported the newspapers that exist, and created the atmosphere in social media that threatens the very freedom of speech that made the growth and success of this nation possible. America…you got what you deserve. President Trump is the only person honestly trying to do something for the American people, and that is why people of all political ideologies oppose him, hate him, and lie about him. He has kept more of his campaign promises that all of the Presidents since Ronald Reagan. But you’ll never hear or read that in the main stream media. While I would prefer that he limit his “tweets” to one a day, he is the first President who refused to be the Media and the opposition “pinata,” so hooray for him. The “Press” is just a public relations and publicity arm of the National Socialist (used to be the “Democrat”) Party anyway.

    1. You are most certainly correct!!! Unfortunately we have a nation of functionally illiterate automatons who like bobble-head dolls who without question, nod and do what they are told

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