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Michelle Malkin Prepares Protest Rally Against ‘Sanctuary’ Montgomery County


  • Michelle Malkin and other activists are set to meet at the steps of the Montgomery County Office Building on Friday to demand elected leaders drop its “sanctuary” executive order. 
  • The “Promoting Community Trust Executive Order” prohibits local authorities from working with ICE agents, and largely protects those living in the county illegally from deportation. 
  • The executive order has drawn national criticism after numerous illegal aliens have been charged with rape or other sexual crimes shortly after it was signed into law. 

Michelle Malkin and other notable figures will gather in Montgomery County, Maryland to demand county leaders withdraw its “sanctuary” executive order, and ask that local immigrant communities be protected by gang activity.

The “Community Rally to Protect Our Families and Children” will take place on the steps of the Montgomery County Council Office Building on Friday. The rally is in response to the recent slate of alleged rapes and sexual assaults by illegal aliens living in the county. The sexual crime charges have drawn national criticism against the “sanctuary” executive order recently signed by their county executive.

At least eight illegal immigrants have been charged with rape or some other sexual crime in Montgomery County since July 25. In several cases, the victims have been underage girls — one of them was allegedly held at knifepoint as she was raped. The charges have drawn questions over the “Promoting Community Trust Executive Order,” an executive order signed by Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich in July that largely forbids local authorities from cooperating with ICE agents.

Community activists say they’ve had enough, and will now rally in front of the Montgomery County Council to voice their concerns.

“We’re having a rally of local citizens and some national personalities all gather on the steps of the Montgomery County government complex in Rockville, really taking this fight to the heart of this illegal alien sanctuary space,” Malkin said to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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Malkin — a conservative author, blogger, and political commentator — has long been involved with illegal immigration issues. Her newly-released book, Open Borders, Inc., exposes the sources of billions of dollars that have gone into pro-mass immigration organizations and causes. She will be joined Friday by Larry O’Connor of WMAL, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), activists with Help Save Maryland, Montgomery County angel families, and others.

The Montgomery County government, for its part, has not taken criticism well. The county council issued a statement earlier in September accusing “the White House, President Trump, Acting USCIS Director Ken Cuccinelli, local and national conservative outlets” of spreading misinformation about the county’s criminal justice system. The council even equated these people with “neo-nazi sympathizers.”

Malkin shamed the Montgomery officials for equating activists with racists.

“A lot of the local moms there have been raising their voices. What has been the response of the Montgomery County executive and council? To smear them as racists and to associate them with neo-Nazis, they actually did this,” she said to TheDCNF. “It’s no wonder that a lot of just ordinary, good people don’t want to go up against a government that is endangering them.”

Elrich, a liberal Democrat, has also sharply rebuked criticism of the executive order he signed.

The county executive claimed that the release of criminal illegal aliens was completely at the behest of the judicial system, a defense of Montgomery’s policy of not holding illegal aliens in custody in time for ICE agents to apprehend them. Immigration experts and an ICE spokesperson called Elrich’s explanation “absurd” and “insulting.”

The conservative activists aren’t necessarily holding their breath in the belief that Montgomery will immediately change its sanctuary policies, despite the recent rape charges, but they feel the duty to bring attention to the issue.

“And you wonder: Where are the feminists? There are at least eight of these illegal alien criminal rape suspects. That’s just the ones we know about, who could’ve been caught earlier, but for Montgomery County’s obstinate opposition to cooperation with the feds,” Malkin said.

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