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How to entertain a crowd

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Entertaining a crowd, whether at home or at corporate events often fills you with excitement while simultaneously making you anxious and nervous. Moreover, big audiences are especially intimidating and hard to please since you have limited communication and space to get the message across to a large number of people. However, you should always remain calm and be interactive with your audience on an emotional level as this allows them to associate your events with positive vibes. This experience will consequently enable you to develop relationships faster with your guests as well as increased loyalty. If you are looking to entertain large crowds, here are some tips you should follow.

Make the crowd curious  

The best way of capturing your crowd’s attention is by making them curious about what you have planned in the following minute, hour, or day. Start your session with a hint that you have something planned for later to get the crowd guessing. Likewise, consider using event hashtag and social media to convey their guesses and comments. Come up with an entertaining contest from the clues and reveal several winners who have successfully solved the clues as the day continues. Individuals usually love winning prizes; thus incorporating this will go a long way in entertaining your crowd.

Asses your crowd

You must focus on the crowd’s energy while entertaining them, especially if you are a host for the first time. Evaluate the manner in which they wait for you during your entrance as well as their talk while preparing yourself. Understanding your audience allows you to connect with them consequently improving your confidence during the performance. Your entrance needs to be filled with energy to attract the attention of the crowd, even those around the corner bar cabinet and are often less interested.

Incorporate some funk 

All audiences love to be entertained regardless of the event. Therefore, you should come up with ways of cheering up your crowd by including performances from local bands, fire throwers, or circus performers. Additionally, think of ways of integrating this to your event’s overall theme plus including the crowd during performances, and doing this prepares your audience for the subsequent long event sessions. During breaks, incorporate networking events and great conversations throughout the day, while capturing all these fun moments via video and photos to send to all attendees and for social media.  

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Always love your crowd 

Nobody can be a ‘perfect host’ irrespective of your caliber of speech, bravery, or humor while on stage. Every audience you gather and speak to has a different essence, that is, either too excited, too quiet or too loud. Regardless of the crowd you have, always remind them how much you appreciate their time. Therefore, always thank them later for all their dedication and contribution while you were the host. 

Bring a hook 

You must never use useless and old tactics that have become a cliché or would otherwise lose the audience within seconds. Nowadays, people rarely pay close attention to dull jokes; thus, you should grab your crowd’s attention by including an unforeseen hook. For instance, you can use a catchy song to get the attention of your audience, and this will go a long way in deciding whether or not your audience is entertained. Moreover, always involve your audience, as this allows them to share their opinions.

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