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Federal Judge Blocks California Law That Would Force Trump To Disclose Tax Returns

A federal judge temporarily blocked California’s law requiring presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns in order to gain a spot on the primary ballot Thursday.

The California law would require any candidate running for president or governor to give the Internal Revenue Service tax forms for the past five years, the Los Angeles Times reported. This would be an issue for President Donald Trump as he runs for president again in 2020 because he has refused to disclose his tax returns, despite efforts by Democrats to force his hand.

A final ruling on the law, signed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in July, will be issued by the end of the month, U.S. District Judge Morrison England Jr. said according to the LA Times. The temporary order was issued Thursday because it would cause “irreparable harm without temporary relief” for Trump and other candidates.

There have been five lawsuits since Newsom signed the bill, the LA Times reported. A decision on whether to appeal will be made after the final ruling occurs next month, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said. He is a defendant in the lawsuits.

“We remain firm in our belief that SB 27 [the bill] is constitutional and provides invaluable transparency for voters as they decide who will hold the most powerful office in the United States,” Padilla said according to a statement, the LA Times reported.

Trump sued to block the bill in August, noting that it would unfairly force him to give up a right to privacy so he could be a part of the primary. Thomas McCarthy, one of Trump’s attorneys for the lawsuit, said that states “cannot try to inform” voters beyond basic information.

“I think the judge got this one wrong,” Democratic state Sen. Mike McGuire said according to the LA Times. “Transparency is the foundation of accountability. This issue of releasing tax returns is bigger than any one candidate or any one president.”

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  1. So you want to investigate our President? OK Then I want all of the house and the senate tested for drugs, theit tax and finance records audited, a list of those who were paid off to avoid sex scandals. Two can play this game!

    A CNN Reporter asked: Where is that? Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “They’re under Obama’s college records, his birth record, his passport application, his immigration status as a student, his funding source to pay for college, his college transcripts, his selective service registration, and Hillary’s email log and 66,000 missing emails.

    If President Trump’s past financial dealings can be investigated then so can the financial dealings of every member of congress. What a fabulous idea!

    The same congress members who are going after President Trump’s financial dealing are the same members of congress who became multimillionaires on a $170,000 salary

    Now if you still insist in investigating our President? OK Then I want all of the house and the senate tested for drugs, their tax and finance records audited, a list of those who were paid off to avoid sex scandals.
    Again, two can play this game!

  2. Our Constitution doesn’t say revealing one’s tax returns is a requirement to run for the presidency. Governors should stop trying to make it so and stick to what the constitution says. All the time and money wasted on suing each other is obstructing our voting system and all because of a malicious curiosity by those who pander to the leftists.

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