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Do Democrats Want More TD’s or TO’s?

Imagine for a moment being an avid Patriot football team supporter. Place yourself in the stadium during a critical game. The clock is quickly ticking down and the score is tied.

The game suddenly becomes more intense after watching their quarterback toss a pass at the tight end, the ball bounces off the receiver’s helmet, and the opposing team catches the ricocheted ball. It’s an official “TO” (Turn Over) and the opposing team takes possession.

Just when you felt it was inevitable the Patriots would make a “TD” (Touchdown), oops! Now it’s back to the playing field and hoping the team has another chance to score before the game is over.

Real life mimics football in many ways. It’s valuable educational entertainment allowing people to learn valuable life lessons. Every day, people have a chance to make TD’s or TO’s. It’s totally our choice.

That’s why we have winners and losers. Not everyone is or will ever be a pro quarterback. No, it doesn’t come easy – it’s called rewards from hard work and dedication.

Is it that difficult to understand how much better winning is over losing – regardless! Does anyone know of others that celebrate losing – other than government?

Routinely, we learn about this or that government agency losing money, fraudulent transactions, crony capitalism, favoritism, political gain, or spending money on things it shouldn’t.

None-the-less, these same self-aggrandized losers get promoted. In the private sector, those in charge would now be in jail.

Is this where America really wants to be… more losing, less winning? America has been given a second chance after many decades of corruption to get it right, again.

The larger question is does America have the heart and brains needed to accept the challenge and become winners, again?

Donald J. Trump has come into DC with a determination to win (TD’s) again. Unfortunately, the Democrats and their sycophant media prefer losing (TO’s).

No matter what decisions are made by our President, rest assured the Democrats will fight it. If it’s about resolving homelessness, child sex trafficking, sex slavery, illegal drugs, terrorists, mass murders, or anything else detrimental to America, Democrats will try to stop any person or effort to take away their power and money.

What’s worse is the Democrats always frame their fights, so they spend taxpayer money – not their own. Democrats deal from the bottom of the deck and they are as dirty as dirty is.

The Democrat ‘hoax kitchen’ is now busy 24/7 cooking up hoaxes that last for a week and then they are exposed for what they really are and blow apart. Meanwhile, it gives them time to attempt something real, but it never happens.

They falsely believed they could resurrect their KKK divisions by starting Black Lives Matter and get Americans to start murdering law enforcement personnel. They falsely believed they could get their NOW Gang (National Organization for Women) to crucify Supreme Court Judges, but it failed.

Imagine how deep into depravity they had to travel to manipulate the minds of all the children protesting weather (Global Warming Hoax). Unfortunately, parents are mostly to blame for allowing their children to become victims of child abuse, but police or legal actions haven’t started.

They falsely believed they could succeed at a Presidential Coup (Trump Russia Collusion) to overturn a duly elected President, but it failed. The point being is these are very desperate people turning quickly into a terrorist group.

Now, they have succeeded in doing some things America isn’t very proud of, such as giving billions to Iran (the largest supporter of world terrorism), giving North Korea what they needed for manufacturing war weapons, turning the Middle East into a seed bed of terrorism, making China wealthy, destroying jobs in America, turning cities into garbage dumps, creating violence on almost every street corner, down grading educational centers into propaganda outlets, destroying the American news media, supporting tyrannical leaders, filling our streets and waterways with used drug needles, denying health care to millions, taxing everything and everybody to maximum limits, kicking God out of government and their party, trying to destroy Israel, giving Russia more uranium for their nuclear weapons, supporting illegal aliens over citizens, supporting child sex trafficking, supporting illegal drugs, supporting uneducated citizens to pay for the education of elites, tearing down the US Military, and need I continue?

The 2020 elections are upon us and the Democrats have nothing going for them. What they support, most Americans do not.

This leaves most to conclude the Democrats want more TO’s – not TD’s. They are just losers and they can’t help themselves. Let’s help them lose 2020, right?

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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