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Democrats Govern By Hate And Pique

Even under the far left Obama administration many illegal aliens were sent back home after illegally crossing our southern border. But with the insane hate of our nation’s radical, hate-filled, far-left Democrats, President Trump is blocked from keeping illegals out of our country or sending them back once they’ve invaded our borders.

Under Obama, illegals were detained in fenced-in areas. But now that Trump is president this humane process is called holding people in Nazi-like concentration camps and is forbidden.

Under Obama, children were separated from their adult handlers until the status of the adults was verified as being non-threatening to the children. But under Donald Trump this care taken to protect children is called inhumane and is considered a criminal separation of families.

California governor, Gavin Newsom, needs federal money to help with his state’s horrible homeless problem, but forbids President Trump from taking any federal involvement to eradicate the dangerous drug and disease situations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. And just to spite the presidency of Donald Trump and his insistence on building new walls to protect our borders, liberals across the nation established sanctuary cities that would harbor and protect illegal aliens, including those with criminal records, from federal arrest or confinement.

Montgomery county, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC, encourages illegal aliens to settle there, and many of these people have lately begun to commit rapes for exceeding their statistical representation in the county.

President Trump issues an executive order to block entry into the United States of citizens from various Muslim nations that have sworn to destroy our nation and kill our citizens, so, of course, Democrats scream “racism” and liberal judges deny this order and allow these people into America, at our great risk.

President Trump insists on ICE being able to arrest illegal aliens accused of rape or murder and Democrats pass laws forbidding local police forces to aid ICE in any way in their attempts to keep bad guys off the streets, thereby putting innocent people at risk from these criminals, especially other illegal aliens who may reside in the areas where these criminals prowl and hunt.

President Trump is pro-life, so Democrat legislatures in New York and Virginia voted to terminate the lives of babies AFTER they are born and are independent of their mothers.

Democrats are unbalanced and are making decisions on governance with the sole objective of opposing anything President Trump proposes, not what’s best for American citizens and the nation.

It seems an appropriate question to ask: Are they still called the Democrat Party, or have they become The Donner Party? One is justified in asking such a question because today’s hateful, anti-American Democrat party seems intent on self-destruction and making itself unattractive to governing in the future, because of its politics of pure hate and opposition to common sense governing.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. The Democrat party is the world’s most successful hate group. It attracts poor people who hate rich people, black people who hate white people queer people who hate straight people, feminists who hate men, environmentalists who hate internal combustion engines and hordes of bratty college kids who hate their parents.

    The “Demon”scat party (scions of Satan) hates everything that is good and is hell bent on destroying what God has created and replacing it with evil. The Democrat party hates life itself while extolling their virtuous agenda in the name of saving the planet which is nothing but prevarication Democrats will murder innocent life (abort) babies in the name of having a “personal choice”.

    However, the real secret of the party’s success is that it attracts the support of AMORAL “journalists”(?) who hate Conservatives, and who therefore work tirelessly to convince everyone that they are the only ones who are right and that everyone should vote democrat!

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