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3 Twitter marketing tips to boost your lead generation game

There’s no denying the fact that Twitter has developed a niche of its own among all other social media channels.

Having a user-base that is primarily focused on consuming genuine information-based content, Twitter is becoming a highly lucrative social media channel for businesses, especially when it comes to generating and nurturing high-quality leads something which its contemporaries are intensely struggling to provide.

Therefore it’s very important that every business chalks out a separate Twitter marketing strategy of their own, to make the most out of it.

Here are some sure shot Twitter marketing strategies that will have a positive impact on your lead generation numbers.

(1)Branding your Twitter profile: 

You should always try to design your Twitter profile in such a manner that your customer or a random viewer recognizes your company at the very first glance.

There are a couple of things that you should properly address in order to achieve this:

The Twitter handle: it’s a no brainer that your Twitter handle should mandatorily include your brand name. 

However, the things that you should avoid are additional characters other than your brand names like numbers or any special case characters like hashtags, etc, as they can easily delineate your customer from recognizing your brand, and consider it to be an unofficial Twitter account of your company or a fan page.

The header image: This is one of the most underused elements of a Twitter profile.

A business can show countless creativity when it comes to communicating their brand through the header image.

The most common yet effective ways include putting up your brand’s slogan in the image along with the colors that are related to your brand.

A relatively more creative way is to include images that implicitly indicate your brand’s core values or the core competencies.

(2) Conducting Twitter Chats

Twitter chats should be your go-to choice for your Twitter engagement and community building goals.

You can opt for quite a few topics when it comes to Twitter chats, namely soliciting views and opinions about your new product launch, hold a discussion about a topic that is widely related to your area of operations or ask your consumers about any desired changes in your ongoing services.

Your Twitter chat should always have an implicit goal, and that is the goal of social listening. 

In other words, you should try to carefully analyze the conversations that you are having with your consumers and ascertain the nature of social sentiment that your brand has over Twitter, and whether it’s similar to other social media channels.

This can help you in framing your future Digital marketing and branding strategies accordingly.

An imminent drawback that you have to face is the lack of interested followers that are actually looking forward towards attending your Twitter chat.

Other than sharing about your contest on other social media platforms and your company website, something else that you can do to counter this lack of interest is to prepare a series of Twitter posts in the form of a countdown to your contest.

For example, posting daily prior to 7 days from your chat, regarding the time, format, the topics covered, etc.

A social media tool like hootsuite or your marketing automation software can help you adequately with this.

(3) Having a hashtag strategy:

Even though your Twitter page can have thousands of followers, but only relying on them would do significant damage to your Twitter engagement goals.

On the other hand, if you can create a smart hashtags strategy for Twitter, then there are no limits to which you can achieve quality engagement from your Twitter posts.

Here’s a fact to provide you with some engagement: “tweets that have appropriate hashtags in them, garner twice as much engagement as compared to tweets that have irrelevant or no hashtags.”

The word “appropriate” in the above sentence holds a lot of significance.

So how to find the most appropriate hashtags that are related to your tweets?

The most popular and effective means can be conducting thorough research on platforms like Hashtagify and Twitter analytics, and finding the most trending and high traffic hashtags that are related to your business.

Creating your own hashtags is also quite important, as customized hashtags not only contribute towards your engagement numbers but also help you in your brand creation initiatives in the long run.

A regular inclusion of your customized hashtags in majority of your tweets can gradually make your customer resonate your brand with that particular hashtag.

Creating few customized hashtags that are common with all your social media channels is a more effective approach when it comes to brand building through hashtags.

However, what you should always remember is that quantity never works when it comes to Twitter hashtags.

 Wrapping up

Something that should form an inherent part of all the strategies including twitter marketing strategies mentioned above is to create target customer-specific content mandatorily as they are the ones who predominantly form a part of your generated leads.

 Author Bio- Hi There, I am Shaun Williams, a content writer with Goodfirms, a research platform for Cloud Computing and Translation servicescompanies, among many others. I enjoy communicating ideas and knowledge creatively and also ensure that the readers never suffer from boredom while reading my posts.

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