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Why email marketing is the most effective technique for lead generation and business growth?

The interactive powers of e-mail marketing have helped it survive the challenges of new marketing techniques that appeared at one time to threaten its existence. There was a time when people viewed e-mail marketing as invasive and hence offensive, and this continued until they tasted something truly intrusive in the form of banner ads. Banner ads became so much of nuisance that it helped in popularizing adblockers to allow people to enjoy a non-intrusive browsing experience. As the effectiveness of banner ads declined rapidly, marketers once again fell back on e-mail marketing to derive the benefits of the interactive marketing technique. The biggest factor that goes in favor of e-mail marketing is that consumers have accepted it as part of the online experience.

Despite the occurrence of spam e-mails which exist alongside e-mail marketing campaigns, consumers have realized the true value they can derive from e-mail marketing campaigns. That has helped to develop a more positive attitude in accepting it. Doing more with less is the motto of marketers today. So, to achieve the goal, they can use Designmodo email templates to create personalized campaigns within their financial means. E-mail marketing helps marketers connect with their customers and prospects in a highly targeted way that assures the right ROI coupled with steady growth in revenue.

E-mail marketing is perhaps the longest surviving digital marketing technique that has proved its stability by living up to the expectations of marketers by successfully passing the test of times. Why it remains the most accessible and effective marketing channels is the topic of this article.

A great way to reach your audience

Every year people send 102.6 trillion e-mails, and as the number keeps growing, by 2022, it is likely to reach 126.7 trillion. The figures demonstrate how much comfortable people are in using e-mails, especially 90% of the population above 15 years age in the US alone. E-mails have an inherent attraction. Users become so much attached to it that they cannot help but check their e-mails at least once a day with many people doing it 20 times a day.

The email has become an integral part of our lives, and its social impact is evident from the widespread use of e-mail accounts as part of individual identity. For example, when you sign up for a website like an online store, furnishing your e-mail id is almost mandatory. Similarly, for creating any social media account, you need an e-mail account. Anyone who takes an interest in the internet will have e-mail accounts, and marketers can gain the widest reach by including e-mail marketing in the digital marketing mix.

Flawless message delivery

E-mail marketing is attractive because it delivers the mail into the inbox of the intended recipient without fail as the recipient has subscribed to your e-mail. It does away with the fear of sending unsolicited e-mails that make way to the spam folder. Almost 90% of e-mails reach the intended inbox with a slim percentage failing to get through. To bring your message in front of the audience who takes an interest in your business, e-mails are unbeatable.

If you use Facebook for marketing, the exposure that your content receives would be quite limited because Facebook imposes restrictions on the number of times your post appears in the News Feed. There is a commercial intent behind it because the measure forces users to opt for paid advertising on Facebook, which does not help marketers to leverage free posting of content. Ultimately, only 2% of Facebook fans can see your content.

Suppose you have 10,000 Facebook fans that are also on your e-mail subscriber list. Going by the numbers, only 200 fans can view your post on Facebook whereas 9,000 of them would receive your e-mails.

E-mail leads to conversions

Marketers set their eyes on conversions because it impacts the bottom line and the very purpose of marketing. Sales are not the only conversions because leads, memberships, subscriptions, and any unique metric of your business that has the potential to lead to sales are conversions for marketers. Marketing e-mails can have a call to action (CTA) that triggers conversions, and it is compelling in motivating customers to maintain positivity in their actions. The average click-through rate of an e-mail campaign is about 3% whereas the average click-through rate from a tweet is only 0.5%.

By simple logic, emails can drive 6 times more click-through rates to drive traffic to your website than from your Twitter account. Almost 4.24% of visitors who reach your site via e-mail marketing will likely make a purchase, and the figure is 2.49% and 0.59% for visitors coming from search engines and social media respectively.

Higher ROI

The high ability of e-mails to drive conversions makes it imperative that it can help to achieve higher ROI. Studies show that for every dollar invested in e-mail marketing, it gives a return of $38 that translates into a whopping 3800% ROI. That puts to rest all questions about the cost-effectiveness of e-mail marketing, and the surprisingly high ROI is the result of delivering highly relevant and personalized messages. Email marketing allows you to target specific groups of the audience for whom you can create personalized messages that are not possible on social media. The more you know about your customers and their behavior, habits, and expectations more effectively, you can create content for them that they find most interesting and useful.

Open platform without commercial overture

E-mail service providers do not have any underlying commercial interest to drive users in spending more money as it happens with social media platforms. You must invest heavily to buy large followings because the business model of social media channels like Facebook would compel you to do so. You do not face this problem with e-mail marketing because there is no commercial interest of e-mail service providers as it is an open platform for one and all. No particular entity controls e-mail platforms, and there are numerous services to receive and send e-mails.

The e-mail subscriber list that you prepare becomes your asset, and it is up to you to leverage it for maximizing business gains.

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