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The Old Gray Lady Is Donning A Hoody Of Radical, Leftist Red

The New York Times, also occasionally known as the Old Gray Lady, and formerly known as a newspaper where subscribers could get an update on the latest news and happenings at the city, state and national level, has now embarked on a journey of political plotting against our sitting president and our national constitution. This effort to get Trump is just a continuation, in a different form, of the Mueller investigation into the lie of Russian collusion that lasted two years and produced only a “never mind” from the Democrats and their corrupt pals in the press. These corrupt, America-hating, Trump-despising leftists will never stop persecuting and abusing their political opponents.

There is a notion that money corrupts anything we do in life, but America is witnessing the absolute corruption of everything decent and typically American with a radical left political stunt instigated by the New York Times, called The 1619 Project, that will seep into all aspects of our most cherished national institutions, all of which are being turned a bright, colorful red by the leftist Times: they are going to run infomercials claiming that America was formed as a racist nation and remains so to this day, and they will claim that Donald Trump is the devious leader of the current, racist entity called the United States. This is all being done to assure the defeat of Donald Trump in 2020, and it is all contrary to logic and clear thinking, and everything a constitutionally protected newspaper should be doing.

There was a time when political corruption such as that which occurred in Nazi Germany, Communist Russia or any third world dictatorship, was exposed and condemned by our national news agencies. But now the corruption is home-raised and takes the form of the New York Times, which has moved from the political left to the radical, anti-American far left, and has vacated its former dignified position as the paper of record, to being just another hate-Trump rag pushing its Socialist ideas on an innocent public. The Trump derangement syndrome has taken the Old Gray Lady and defiled her.

It’s come to the attention of all who will pay attention to such things, that the NYT, instead of reporting the news that exposes political corruption (the Steele dossier comes to mind here as a false, lying document that the Times will not publicize) has now moved to a strict anti-Trump policy of immersing itself in far left political filth by designing a series of future publications attempting to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. The Times no longer pretends to be reporting the news, they now intend to be creating the news with their publications. One wonders why we spent billions of dollars and expended so many young lives fighting Nazi Socialists in World War II only to see entities within our own nation take up the reins of political corruption, violence and fear offered by leftist, Democrats and the New York Times.

But at least the radical traditions of the New York Times seem to be holding firm. In the 1920s and 1930s a reporter, Walter Duranty, working for the Times and located in Moscow, published articles swooning over the superior freedom and liberty of the fortunate Soviet citizens, and how much nicer Stalin’s Potemkin Villages were than anything constructed in the United States. And this reporting was done at the same time that Stalin conducted a reign of terror over Soviet citizens with his 3 am police roundups, Lubyanka prison tortures and his mass starvation in Ukraine. So now the Old Lady is just getting back into the familiar territory created by Mr. Duranty, by preaching hate against a duly elected president and lying about American traditions.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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