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Lolisa express – Grrr Graphics – Ben Garrison Cartoon

The creator of ‘The Simpsons,’ Matt Groening, allegedly received a foot massage from a 15 year-old girl while traveling aboard Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express.’

The LoLisa Express

The now (supposedly) deceased billionaire insisted that the cartoonist receive a foot massage from one of the young females aboard. She was repulsed by his dirty feet and yellow, crusty (the clown?) toenails. She had to use a washcloth on his feet before she rubbed them. At least Groening was kind enough to draw her a Simpsons character as a thank you gift.

Normally I would never draw a thing such as this, but after seeing a clip of a recent ‘Simpsons’ episode that clumsily attacked President Trump, I decided…what the heck. I saw the excerpt on the Internet. It was not funny in the slightest, and the satire was heavy-handed. I have not watched ‘The Simpsons’ in several decades and I’m baffled about how it can be sustained…year after year after year. It’s as old, overgrown and disgusting as Groening’s toenails.

—Ben Garrison

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