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Fulfill Your Dreams of Becoming a Multi-Millionaire by Leveraging Social Media

It is predominantly an American aspiration to be a millionaire. However, the harsh reality is that becoming a millionaire could be sounding pretty inspirational but it is a core necessity. Studies have revealed that millennials would need somewhere between $1.8 and almost $2.5 million for retiring. Hence, if you do not achieve the status of a multi-millionaire, you would have to keep on working way beyond the age of 65.

According to Jim Rohn, the noted American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author, “The greatest reward in becoming a millionaire is not the amount of money that you earn. It is the kind of person that you have to become to become a millionaire.’’ Most of you wait for your circumstances to change as if by magic. But you could change your circumstances by becoming better yourself. You must try to get well-equipped with improved abilities and skills to achieve brilliant things in life.

Today, you could become a millionaire by doing highly influential work. You could work towards solving pressing issues, improving others’ lives, and getting noticed by very important individuals who would like to share your work for their own sake. Sharing your work would make them appear good as the work is great in itself.

Marketers are known to constantly pursue people. So they go to places and platforms that are thronged by people and eventually marketing dollars follow. Marketers are now investing more money in advertising online as compared to television advertising. This is a welcome change as we find that more and more people are present on social media platforms. Almost 2.5 billion users are leveraging a minimum of one social media channel every month and organizations such as Facebook are intending to go on widening their reach until the entire universe is present on one of the popular social networking sites.

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, the shift from conventional marketing to digital marketing signifies a remarkable opportunity for someone who is quite interested and dedicated to creating brand new pockets of revenue. If statistics were to be believed, almost $27 billion was invested in Facebook advertisements alone. Moreover, as per, Instagram ads seem to be more expensive as compared to Facebook advertisements but are quite effective and worthy of your investment. During the current year, we understand that Instagram would be accounting for about 25 percent of the total advertising revenue of Facebook. It is also, forecasted that by 2020, Instagram would be accounting for 30 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue.

According to Hootsuite, Instagram has over 25 million business accounts and 200 million Instagrammers visiting one business profile every single day. Right from concerts to clothing, linguine to lingerie, you would find all sorts of business on Instagram. Moreover, 96 percent of the top fashion brands are on Instagram and there are currently 17.2 million advertisers per month on Instagram. Hence, just like Facebook, Instagram is another social media platform that promises great opportunities for all businesses to connect seamlessly with their target audiences whether in the moment or on-the-go.

As per statistics 30 percent of the Instagrammers have bought at least, one product that they had come across on Instagram. One out of three Instagrammers has bought something after seeing a product on this amazing social media platform. And you know that there are over 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. You could put your head down and do the math. Instagram could be your gateway to wealth and success if done well. Businesses could buy real Instagram likes by seeking professional assistance from a reliable digital marketing company.

Additionally, if you consider 2018, around $27 billion was invested in Facebook ads. If you could successfully master Facebook marketing and dedicate your attention to a niche market where one ten thousandths of this $27 billion are spent then simple math indicates that the addressable market open to you would be worth $2.7 million. All this information demonstrates that it could be a tremendously lucrative prospect to develop a brand or business based primarily on social media. Let us explore ways of how you could become a multi-millionaire on social media.

Initiate Your Social Media Influencer Marketing Consulting Services

Almost 94 percent of the marketers relying on influencer marketing firmly believe that ‘social media influencer marketing’ could be pretty effective. Today it is becoming increasingly tough for businesses and brands to talk to precisely their targeted audience. Thanks to cutting-edge ad blockers, prospects are much better at filtering out sponsored content and ads.

Hence, social media influencers play a pivotal role in providing marketers with effective opportunities to start meaningful interaction or conversation with all your prospects particularly, when they seem to be most receptive. The issue associated with influencer marketing is that most brands are not fully aware of effective ways of identifying the right prospects that they should approach for boosting their brand’s online presence. Moreover, even when marketers are seeking help from influencers, they do not have an idea of ways to accurately measure success. You could start your influencer marketing & consulting services for providing marketers online with easy access to a social media marketing platform that is currently in incredibly high demand like never before. This is a great step forward toward fulfilling your multi-millionaire dream. But all in good time!

Master Marketing Tactics with Instagram Stories and Consider Becoming a Content Consultant

Instagram is undoubted one of the most versatile and largest social media platforms and today, Instagram Stories feature has added a whole new dimension to the platform. Instagram has attained new pinnacles of glory with the help of highly successful Instagram Stories. This feature of Instagram has become incredibly successful and is attracting and stealing Snapchat users.

Many businesses have recognized the growing popularity of Instagram Stories and they even acknowledge that Instagram Stories could prove to be an excellent medium for connecting with their target audience but they at the same time, realized that they find it pretty challenging to go on generating engaging content. By mastering ways to leverage the power and versatility of Instagram Stories, you could offer valuable advice to different brands on ways to generate compelling content so that followers automatically engage with it. For adding value to your services, you could use a cutting-edge Instagram analytics tool that could assist you in determining the best content to attract maximum engagement.

Consider Promoting Gated Content via YouTube Videos

YouTube has around 2 billion users each month and since they seem to be an integral part of Google, you could have access to a host of cutting-edge advertising possibilities. Aspiring multi-millionaires must start a business that is likely to use compelling YouTube videos for promoting gated content that is hosted on primarily a branded website. We know that influencers such as Brian Dean and Neil Patel have been using YouTube videos for propagating their thought leadership that would then help in promoting top quality revenue-generating gated content.


You need to realize that social media entrepreneurship seems to have the potential of churning out several multi-millionaires. If you wish to be one of them, you should consider mastering the art of social media marketing particularly, an aspect of it that is compatible with the objectives of prominent businesses today. This way it would become easier for you to forge meaningful relationships with brands interested in boosting compelling online presence that would connect prospects with brands.

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