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Benefits of Using Biodegradable and Compostable Disposables

Lately, disposables have garnered plenty of criticism. They are often crafted from plastic and often land up in seas, landfills and other rubbish areas to pollute our environment. Nevertheless, disposable items disposable cutlery and tableware is something that we cannot do without. Be it the wedding, parties, food trucks, etc.; their use is indispensable. The awesome news is that we have plenty of biodegradable cutlery and tableware available today for use. Let’s check out some of the advantages of using these biodegradable platesand cutlery items.

  • Environment-friendly entertaining

Disposables tableware are mostly used for parties and weddings to save on cleaning needs. While plastic created plenty of trash, biodegradable barely leaves any carbon footprint and thus you have green entertainment.

Biodegradable disposables are crafted from natural materials like bagasse, recycled paper, bamboo, cornstarch, fallen leaves, etc. These do not release any toxins and are safe to use, even for kids. Thus, you can entertain without the guilt of spoiling the environment.

  • Energy-efficient

Biodegradable plastic and cutlery consume far less energy in their production than the normal plastic. They also release no toxins, unlike the plastic. They also cut the carbon footprint produced. Hence, you are saving the precious energy of the earth.

  • Compostable

The best thing about biodegradable tableware is that they can be easily turned into compost to grow more plants. You can easily turn them into compost in your own house or your garden yard. All you need to do is to throw all the plates and cutlery in your compost bin. You can use the compost in your garden and even sell them to earn money. Your post-party cleanup also gets tons lighter with this move.

  • Non-toxic

Plastic food packaging and cutlery are notorious for leaching toxic chemicals. This can make your food unhealthy and even risky to consume. Plastic, especially single-use ones are treated with a cocktail of chemicals. When exposed to hot food and drinks, they release plenty of harmful toxins like Bisphenol A, which can cause many diseases including cancer. No such risk is attached with biodegradable disposables.

  • Hygienic

Most biodegradable disposables are made for one-time use. Thus, you are assured of a high degree of hygiene standard. This is critical as foods are highly vulnerable to getting contaminated. You are confident of healthy and safe food with biodegradable disposables.

  • Lightweight

Compared to standard silverware; disposable cutlery is much lighter and you can easily carry and transport large quantities. Thus, no matter how large your guest list is; you do not face any challenges. They are always handy and convenient to supply and use.

  • Easy availability

Silver cutlery and tableware are an expensive item and thus, any company would have limited quantity to supply for your party. But disposables are always available in bulk and you do not stress over low supply.

  • Cost-effective

A major concern with all of us is budget. Biodegradable disposables cost about one-tenth of silverware and thus, you save significantly when using them instead of silverware and glassware. You also have no fear of any expensive crockery getting broken by accident.

  • Consistency

As already discussed, silverware is always available in a limited quantity. This means that you are forced to use different types of glasses, cutlery, plates and bowls at the same dinner party. Thus, the vow factor of table decor gets vanished. But disposable tableware is always available in bulk and thus, you can easily achieve a uniform table decor and style for all guests to enjoy.

Wrapping up

Convenience and less stress and worry are the power words which sum up the concept of biodegradable disposables. They are the eco-friendly style that you can effortlessly adopt for your parties, office use, and other regular uses.

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