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Trump’s More Popular Today Than Election Day

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A just-released ABC News/Washington Post poll shows President Donald Trump is more popular now among registered voters than he was on Election Day in 2016.

This means that despite constant media attacks, endless frivolous investigations, and a myriad of seemingly impeachment-worthy hoaxes by the Democrats, Trump is sitting just as pretty as he did on the day of his historic victory over rival Hillary Clinton.


This particular poll found that the president saw a five-point jump in support from April. Trump hit 47 percent approval among registered voters, a rate higher than his 45.9 percent of the popular vote he had in defeating Hillary Clinton. (I’ve seen some polls with him as high as 51%).

51%a pprovalThe Daily Mail reports the improved numbers “could likely be attributed to a strong economy with continuously increasing job numbers and historically low unemployment rates.”

Perhaps more worrisome for the Democrats is that this jump in support came  after the first round of Democratic primary debates.

So people saw what the other side was offering — and decided Trump is the better choice. It’s also worth noting that 47 percent represents a higher percentage than former President Barack Obama had at this stage of his presidency — and he won his re-election bid.

Other polls have shown increasing support for a wall at the southern border.Multiple studies have also found that race relations, despite the media narrative, have actually improved under the Trump administration.

cheesrtoallmy haters

Inspite of these great numbers for Trump people still say he is not presidential. Well if being presidential means like being like our past three or four presidents then I’m glad he’s not presidential. Clinton And Obama let our enemies walk all over us and paid them billions of dollars disguised as aid in bribes not to attack us. Bush was a nice guy and respected our military unlike Clinton and Obama but was a wimp in other policies in my estimation.

Trump hits our enemies hard with sanctions making them come to us on their knees sort of speak like he’s doing with China with the tariffs. If someone attacks him he hits back which he should. He’s said he’s a counter puncher and is proving that. He’s also very caring and generous as anyone who looks at his past record of philanthropy giving to others and helps unfortunate people out can testify to. He got our hostages back, 20 in all, without paying a cent unlike Obama who gave 150 billion to Iran and an additional 1.5.billion for the release of the hostages flown on planes in the dead of night without congress’ approval.

Trump is a man of the people and tough too. If that is not being presidential then I’m glad he’s not presidential then. You have to be tough with these other countries who lost all respect for us under Obama and Clinton. They are now respecting us once again because Trump is being tough with them. Critics complain about Trump meeting with Putin and kim in North Korea.Well if you want world peace,you meet with your enemies and not your allies.

Trump reminds me of the character Paulie in the Rodney Dangerfield movie “Back to School” where Paulie, Rodney’s chauffer, explains to Rodney’s son saying, “I’m caring and tough. I had two sons. One I put through college and the other I put through the wall.” Trump is similar. He’s caring but tough. That’s what we need in a president. That’s what a real leader is.

I recently saw this great comment which sums up where we are today and what life would be like under the current crop of Democrats running.

Anyone who EVER votes for ANY DemonCRAP (socialist/communist) Party candidate or politician has already proven that they are anti-American and want the further destruction of the US. Collusion? How idiotic! Why would ANYONE with brains want things such as transgender bathrooms, unions, criminals voting, illegal aliens, higher taxes, frivolous lawsuits, more government control, Muslim terrorism, less law enforcement, release of prisoners, total gun control and confiscation, teenage voters, LGBTQ power, BLM, AntiFa, increased racism, punishing the wealthy, a single political party forever, gay marriage, climate control and ridiculous environmental restrictions, banishment of all religions except for Islam ( and of course, Jews want Judaism which completely CONFLICTS with Islam, but go figure…..), destruction of American culture in order to push TURD WORLD cultures, reduction of private businesses to promote government owned businesses, punishment of White males, increased feminism, support for socialist governments of the world, increased support of homelessness, revoking of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights, sanctuary cities, allowing more drugs and government funding of drug usage, government paid abortions on demand and many more examples of the dissembling of the US done by anti-American brainless idiots? Can ANY DemonCRAP dispute or discuss any of their party platform points, as listed above, intelligently, and without hostility.

the_donald on a tank

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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  1. I was enjoying this article and I was just about to share it, until I got to the ninth paragraph, where in the first line of that paragraph it says :

    “…. making them come to us on their knees sort of speak like he’s doing with China….”

    Jim…. the expression is not “sort of speak”, it’s “so to speak”, and you’re missing a comma there as well.

    It should read:

    “…. making them come to us on their knees so to speak, like he’s doing with China….”

    I’m just curious though… where did you get this “sort of speak” expression? Is that a result of doing audio dictation instead of typing your article, or did you really believe throughout your whole life that the expression is “sort of speak” instead of “so to speak”?

    Just as a point of interest, I never even completed the tenth grade, but things like this just jump right out at me nonetheless. I find that it just grates my nerves when I see stuff like this in supposedly professionally written articles that will be read by potentially tens of thousands of people. It’s just disrespectful to the readers. It’s one thing to make typos while chatting on FB or Twitter, but when it comes to journalism, you have to step it up a notch or two.

    I speak other languages, so unfortunately, I have zero sympathy for people who are unable to get their one single language right. I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way. I’m just being straight up honest with you.

    So I stopped reading at that point and I will not be sharing the article unless and until this is fixed. And of course, I sincerely hope I don’t stumble across any more typos like this further along in the article!


    Tony Bosley

  2. Just because you don’t like the grammar used, doesn’t make the story less true. I’m sharing it!!!

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