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There Is No End To The American Left’s Re-Writing Of History

Recently we’ve seen attempts from the pro-Socialist leftists in America to re-write history, and un-write it as well, and their insistence on being ridiculously reactive to events that happened hundreds of years ago. We’re told on a daily basis that America is a racist nation because we won’t allow illegal Central Americans to freely enter our nation so they can collect welfare and get free healthcare from big government, with no consideration being made to protect our unique and peaceful society from disruptive entities from more emotional and unlawful invaders.

Democrats love this name calling of the greatest nation on earth because it fulfils and furthers the Cloward-Piven philosophy they adhere to of putting such enormous demands and strains on our economy that the nation will go bust trying to support more millions of freeloaders, thereby giving Democrats the opportunity to take dictatorial control and run the nation any way they want when the crunch finally arrives.

In the past year we’ve gone through a period of time when statues, and in nearly all cases the statues have been of Democrat personalities, have been torn down by leftist rabble because they were said to represent racist causes, and in the last couple of days a mural in California has been found of George Washington pictured unflatteringly with slaves and Indians. The lefty governor of California stated that he will have this fifty-year old mural painted over because of the shame it represents, so now George Washington is on the chopping block, and we’ll probably hear more about his short-comings in the near future, and no attempts to praise him for the good things he did for America will be allowed. The Nazi’s burned books, and American Democrats are trashing statues and destroying works of historical art. Two years ago Americans could never have imagined such vandalism and anti-American destructiveness taking place in this nation, but one fears that Democrats are just beginning their destruction of America, and to a large extent their acts of domestic terror are influenced by skin color: in other words, they are the racists they have been looking for.

The thing that leftists don’t understand is that if all statues and paintings are destroyed, there will be no trace left of the regrettable things done in America in our distant past, therefore allowing some revisionist in the future to perhaps claim that slavery was never practiced in America, and that American Indians were never mistreated as Europeans moved west, because all of the evidence will have been removed. We need to keep these reminders in front of us so similar practices can be halted if such things are contemplated in the future. And if all traces of past abuse are erased, there will be no way to measure the progress American has made to correct the injustices of the past, and this is probably the cause of the Democrat insistence on tearing everything down: it does not serve their rhetoric to have proof of our progress toward equality under the law, and of our good and sincere intents in this area of our national existence.

We should also have reminders of past events and attitudes so we can discuss why people believed the things they believed one hundred years ago, and come to some conclusion as to how their thinking was wrong. And since most of the statues that have been torn down were of Southern Democrat heroes, America should further discuss the racism that the Democrat party practices to this very day.

While America is being criticized daily as a racist, violent nation, people like Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Mao Tse-tung are worshipped by the political left as heroes, even though they leave behind them a chain of misery, suffering and death, mostly among the poorest people on earth, as they murdered their own fellow citizens in order to make themselves more powerful.

There is no escaping the degree of anti-American and anti-constitutional attitudes of the American left, and these people are serious customers who will undo our nation with glee if they are allowed to gain power in 2020

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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