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The Left’s Fake Selective Moral Outrage


First it was Obstruction, then it was collusion now it is racism as AOC and the Squad of young radical socialist women are now the face of the Democrat party and Nancy Pelosi is head in name only.

Ocasio Cortez and her followers want open borders, abolish ICE, and destroy our government and replace it with their socialist paradise which has never worked everywhere it’s been tried. These new Dems are promoting misery, oppression and exile at the end with socialism. People are sick of this. They know it was freedom – not socialism – that made America what it is today.


What Trump is doing for the economy, veterans, and the military are what people can support. The dems have nothing to offer except their Green New Deal and free everything.

The left is faking their moral outrage once again at Trump’s latest tweet to the four “jihad squad” women.  It has been taken way out of proportion and he just didn’t say “go back to where you came from” as the lying left is trying to say. He told them to go back to the crime infested places they came from and fix them there and then come back here and tell us how to do it instead of trying to tear down run our country their way even though three of them are from here which he probably didn’t know and is understandable..

Here is what he said:

….and viciously telling the people of the United States, the greatest and most powerful Nation on earth, how our government is to be run. Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how.

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., said Trump was being falsely attacked because his criticisms have nothing to do with race and everything to do with patriotism.

“I want to make absolutely clear that our opposition to our socialist colleagues has absolutely nothing to do with their gender, with their religion, or with their race. It has to do with the content of their policies,” Cheney said in a statement.

“They’re wrong when they attempt to impose the fraud of socialism on the American people. They’re wrong when they pursue policies that would steal power from the American people and give that power to the government.”

Liz Cheney is so right. This next election in 2020 will determine if people want government control of their lives under socialism or freedom and prosperity like we are now experiencing. If they choose socialism it will be a very dark country we will be living in.

One of Trump’s closest congressional allies, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, advised Trump to avoid the ad hominem attacks, telling him to “knock it down a notch.”

He added, however, that he agreed with Trump’s criticism of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez, D-NY, and the rest of “The Squad’s” politics.

“We all know that AOC and this crowd are a bunch of communists,” Graham said. “They hate Israel. They hate our own country.”

Rep. Ralph Abraham, R-La., said Trump was right to tell the group—which also includes freshman Democrats like Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.; Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich.; and Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass.—to leave America if they hate it.


The left constantly attacks republicans especially Donald Trump every minute of every hour of every day, but it’s crickets when it comes to fellow democrats who espouse hatred. All you have to do is disagree with them and you’re automatically branded a racist. They did it with Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and now Trump. In fact Biden now is trying so hard to veer extreme left he is kissing up to the squad members saying how intelligent they are. Really  Joe????

On his TV show Sean Hannity explained how Biden is kissing up to these radical leftists to curry favor from them:

Biden is now pandering to every corner of this new extreme socialist Democratic party. Going so far as to describe congresswoman, the real Speaker of the House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as both smart as hell and brilliant. Here’s the thing, Biden can try and suck up, cozy up to the new extreme left all he wants. They’re never going to accept him and never going to endorse him in the Democratic primary.”

Where was the outrage when Hillary deleted 30,000 federally subpoenaed e-mails with bleach bit? Where was the outrage when she destroyed six of her federally subpoenaed devoices with hammers? Where was the outrage when she sold 20% of our uranium to Russia for 145 million to her crooked, corrupt foundation?


Where was the outrage when she and the DNC paid Christopher Steele a million dollars to write a phony dossier on Trump so they could get a FISA warrant to tap his aid’s phone? Hillary had an unsecure server in a mom and pop store that had highly classified information on it that was hacked by five countries that got that information and not a peep out of the left. Only crickets and fake selective outrage when it comes to Trump or any conservative.

Shortly after Trump made his comments, House Democrats drew up a resolution condemning them. Several Republicans have vowed not to vote for it, though, since it ignores anti-Semitic comments Omar and Tlaib have both made in the past. But four Republicans did vote for it.

“Socialist Democrats have no legitimate defense of Socialism, hatred for America’s foundational principles, open disdain and dislike of Israel, and religious prejudice against the Jewish people,”Rep, Mo Brooks of Alabama said, “So, instead, they do what Socialist Democrats candidate schools train them to do: divert public attention by hollering racism despite the facts being crystal clear that President Trump was motivated by a lot of things, but none of them had anything at all to do with race or skin pigmentation.”

At the Netroots Nation conference over the weekend, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) claimed she arguably loves the United States more than American-born citizens.

Oh really? This coming from a woman who supports Sharia Law and married her own brother while married to another man so she could come here.  A woman who supports Al Quaida and dismisses 9/11 as “some people who did something.” She obviously doesn’t care that Al Quaida killed 3000 of our people on that day. That’s more than some people who did something. And she claims to love America more than American born citizens? This Muslim woman wears the traditional Muslim headscarf which in the Muslim religion is symbolic of Sharia law’s repression of women.  She is being investigated for campaign violations & tax fraud, both which appear to be easily provable. She also should be investigated for immigration fraud and deported as an undesirable person, meaning NO coming back. She should be deported. Where is the outrage? Instead she emerges with this squad to become the face of the new democrat party.

Later in the evening, the freshman representative blamed American foreign policy for today’s border crisis – but that’s not all – in an interview with Al Sharpton no less.

Per the

Washington Free Beacon:
Omar, who has a history of making anti-Semitic remarks, appeared on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, who also has his own history of being anti-Semitic.  Sharpton led a violent 1991 riot in Crown Heights, a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, which resulted in 183 people being injured and Australian University academic Yankel Rosenbaum being murdered. Sharpton also negatively referred to Jews as “diamond dealers.”

Omar made multiple false claims during the press conference the four held the other day, saying: “This is a president who has called black athletes ‘sons of b*****s.’ This is a president who has called people who come from black and brown countries ‘sh–holes.’ This is a president who has equated neo-Nazis with those who protest them.”

None of what Omar claimed is true. Trump referred to all athletes who kneel during the national anthem as “sons-of-b*****s,” not black athletes. Trump referred to certain countries as “sh-tholes,” not black and brown people. (Actually a little known fact that is not reported is that it was Sen. Dick Durbin who made the statement about certain countries as shitholes and blamed it on Trump. He said he said that to get Trump’s reactions and the hate trump media went along with it saying it was Trump who said it)/ Trump did not equate neo-Nazis with those who protest them, he specifically condemned them.

Omar went on to claim that Trump was accused of criminally colluding with Russia to undermine the U.S. election, despite the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller stated in his report on his Russia investigation that the Trump campaign did not conspire with Russia.

Omar also spread conspiracy theories, claiming without evidence that Trump was trying to promote “an agenda to allow millions of Americans to die from a lack of health care.” She also bashed the U.S. relationship with Isreal saying “It was all about the Benjamins.”

I recently saw this excellent comment: These indoctrinated America hating, Christian hating, Jew hating Democrat Socialist Communist Leftist ideologue nutjobs, aka 4 horsewomen of the apocalypse terror squad, are literally doing our work for us, publicly defeating themselves in a crash and burn flaming ball of fire.

Democrats like polls, here’s a Democrat poll..

From The Daily Caller:
“Dem Operatives Say Ocasio-Cortez Media Coverage Could Derail Party In 2020”
“Top Democrats are quietly circulating a poll from May showing swing state voters are tying New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s brand of progressive liberalism with the mainstream Democratic Party, Axios reported Sunday.

Those distributing the poll say swing voters know and dislike socialism, with some operatives warning the connection could cost the Democratic Party the House and the presidency. One operative lamented the oversized amount of media coverage Ocasio-Cortez and her progressive colleagues are attracting.

“If all voters hear about is AOC, it could put the [House] majority at risk,” a top Democrat involved in 2020 congressional races told Axios, addressing the poll’s details. “[S]he’s getting all the news and defining everyone else’s races.”

Democrats, a word of advice – Trashing Pres Trump and America with hate and lies will only see you losing the House again, which means you defeated yourselves.

Keep up the great job !!

See you at Pres Trump’s massive re-election victory party.

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