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Ilhan Omar Is Dangerous, Supports Sharia Law And Al-Qaeda


Ilhan Omar and her compatriots in “the squad” hate America and hate Jews, especially Isreal which they have spoken out against while proclaiming to be pro-American. They attack racism while being racists themselves. This is a very serious ruse to gain your favor and thus gain power over us. Omar is especially dangerous.  She supports Sharia law which is indicative by the various headscarves she wears.  That is not a fashion statement. In the Muslim world under Sharia law, a woman is not allowed to show her hair. Omar also hangs around Linda Sarsour who has advocated Sharia law for this country and has been seen in pictures with her.


What makes Rep. Omar unique isn’t her skin color (there are plenty of black lawmakers on both sides of the aisle), but how unusually rude and ungrateful she is as an immigrant. First-generation immigrants are typically among the most patriotic Americans. Yet Omar’s virtual every comment is an attack on the country that welcomed her, offered her a place of peace and security, provided her the opportunity to achieve her dreams.

The average American loves their country and believes being an American is a privilege. Omar seems to view America as a blight, being American an embarrassment.

As a quick refresher: Rep. Omar frequently describes Americans as ignorant, racist, and xenophobic; she’s mocked Christianity and the idea America is a “great” country, even accusing the U.S. of committing human rights abuses; she’s claimed Jewish interests control U.S. foreign policy; likened the United States to al Qaeda and Hezbollah; blamed the U.S. for the crisis in Venezuela; specifically avoided denouncing ISIS/al Qaeda; spoken favorably of Iran, and suggested she’s more patriotic than her conservative critics.

Ilhan Omar is an al-Qaeda supporter herself with her ideology and beliefs. It comes out in what she says and who she supports. The problem with Ilhan Omar is that she believes that Islam is not a militaristic belief system. And yet within its system of beliefs, they are commanded to oust the infidel and secure all land for their god.

Omar’s actions and responses towards other people and nations of the free world are pro-terror and President Trump knows this. It is his job as the Commander in Chief to expose the threats to America.

In Omar’s response she is quoted as saying “I do not expect every time there is a white supremacist who attacks or there is a white man who kills in a school or a movie theater, or a mosque, or in a synagogue, I don’t expect my white community members to respond on whether they love that person or not.” Her response in itself is racist.

Just using the term white to refer to humans of another color is racist. She has completely branded President Trump as the enemy and a racist and a terrorist. This is not the kind of behavior that is expected of lawmakers. Omar needs to stop fighting against people she hates and starts working with them. Stop trying to push Islamic rule in the House and start living in the Republic that she is supposed to be serving.

She even issued a threat to the President at the end of her statement as she says “We are no longer going to allow the dignification of such ridiculous — ridiculous statement.” She is not talking about Muslims condemning terrorism but about the “statement” President Trump said about her. The Secret Service should be all over her and investigating her for the threat of harm she issued towards the president.

President Trump stated about Omar “I mean, I look at the one, I look at Omar, I don’t know her, I never met her. I hear the way she talks about al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda has killed many Americans, She said ‘you could hold your chest out.’

When she talked about the World Trade Center being knocked down, some people, you remember the famous ‘some people.’ These are people that, in my opinion, hate our country.”

This is what happens in America when people stop thinking of themselves as Americans and as some other nationality. People from Africa or Europe that came to America and are now citizens need to call themselves Americans. People that kill Americans are the enemy.

Many of today’s immigrants are not assimilating but bringing their cultures here and making demands to suit their needs especially radical Islam which is counter to western civilization. They are not friends of the nation. Omar respects Al-Qaeda and by default loves them more than she does the country in which she lives. She is a person that wants Islamic rule to take over in the country, and she wants to see the infidel as a second class citizen under her rule.

The Islamic terrorist groups made America an enemy when they attacked on 9/11. The members of the “squad” are anti-Israel, they love Al-Qaeda, and they speak badly about the United States. When President Trump says they hate America he is right. People that live in the country need to learn to love America again. They are no longer part of their past nation but are now citizens of America.

Omar supports the people that hate America. No one can take her seriously when she speaks because she hates everything that makes America unique and special. Omar’s once tweeted the following “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” If she hates the country so much, one can only wonder why she came here from her country of origin?

Less than one month ago, however, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, a liberal-leaning newspaper, reported on just-released documents that raise questions as to whether Omar married her own brother as a means to “skirt immigration laws.”

Here is the alarming opening paragraph (take notes, Now This —here’s the “basis”): “New investigative documents released by a state agency have given fresh life to lingering questions about the marital history of Rep. Ilhan Omar and whether she once married a man — possibly her own brother — to skirt immigration laws.”

The Tribune noted that accusations along these lines dated back to 2016 when “the conservative Power Line blog suggest[ed] that Elmi is her brother and they married for unspecified immigration benefits.”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported Thursday night on a new report from David Steinberg about the allegations surrounding Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) marital history.

“David Steinberg spent a decade as PJ Media’s New York editor. He has been closely investigating Ilhan Omar’s background for years since she entered public life,” Carlson began. “He’s cultivated sources within the Minnesota Somali community. He knows as much about Omar’s background as any reporter could know. Very few are interested, but he’s deeply interested and he should be. Just this morning, Steinberg released a piece on Power Line. In that piece, he repeats the claim that Omar married her biological brother.”

Carlson continued: “And then he makes this stunning allegation, sourced to members of the Minneapolis Somali community: ‘In 1995 Ilhan entered the United States as a fraudulent member of the Omar family. That is not her family. The Omar family is a second unrelated family which was being granted asylum by the United States. The Omars allowed Ilhan, her genetic sister Sahra, and her genetic father Nur Said to use false names to apply for asylum as members of the Omar family. Ilhan’s genetic family split up at this time. Ilhan’s three other siblings, using their real names, managed to get asylum in the United Kingdom.'”

“Steinberg goes on to say Ilhan’s brother was one of those three siblings and that she was later legally married to this man, her biological brother, from 2009 until 2017,” Carlson stated. “It’s a shocking claim, so far it is unproven. Omar has denied the story, but she hasn’t disproven it. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Omar’s local newspaper responsible for a lot of fawning coverage about Omar, has tried to investigate the matter. They say they can neither confirm nor rebut the allegations. Omar is not participating. Last month, the paper noted that Omar has refused even to provide the full names of her immediate family. None of her relatives have come forward to comment on this, by the way. It is all bizarre, but it deserves to be investigated

An investigation conducted by a local newspaper was unable to confirm or deny the rumors, but a state investigation into Omar’s taxes revealed potential tax fraud along with the alleged immigration fraud.

What do we do with Rep. Omar if it turns out that her entry into the US was fraudulent because the family assumed the identity of another family already in the US legally (her family’s real last name is Elmi, not Omar)?  Or, that she committed marriage fraud by marrying her brother to gain the benefit of reduced college tuition?  Or, that she filed joint IRS returns claiming to be married to another man who was not her husband.

No wonder she has little regard for our laws, she has been breaking them since the day she arrived here from Somalia, with absolutely no consequence.  It almost appears that she believes that she is entitled to do so because she is a “woman of color” and a Muslim.

Maybe she should to go back home and live there. Maybe she would be able to find something she loves. No one asked her to come to America. Omar needs to stop griping about the nation and start loving the freedoms that she is taking for granted.

Her statements of hate and bigotry towards America are going to get her removed from office. President Trump will not let her or the AOC terrorist group get away with hurting a nation. The United States is blessed to have such a great president that stands for the county is all about.

The rest of this squad is just as bad. On the campaign trail, AOC falsely stated that Israel committed massacres against Palestinian protesters, the vast of whom were actually members of Hamas.

AOCAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez made light of the holocaust in the eyes of many who survived the Nazi’s extermination of 15-20 million Jews and “undesirables” when she stated that Trump is running concentration camps on the southern border detaining migrants. Actual Holocaust survivors came out to condemn her remarks.

Making matters worse for the freshman firebrand, the ICE facility attacker and domestic terrorist Willem Van Spronsen used similar language in his manifesto and was obviously influenced by her statements.

Rashida Tlaib floated another anti-Semitic trope by suggesting that anyone in Congress who supports robust rights for Israel has “forgot what country they represent.”

Tlaib also referred to Housing and Urban Development Official Lynne Patton (a black Trump supporter) as a “prop” while she sat in a gallery listening to a congressional hearing. Tlaib also has been seen with Louis Farrakhan and wrote for his publication.

rashida-tlaib-farrakhan-e1549925880301Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) essentially sent a message to the rest of America that suggests people should sit down and be quiet — unless they want to spout the same exact opinions and same views as she does.

She told all Americans recently, “We don’t need any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice. We don’t need black faces that don’t want to be a black voice.” Wow

This was shockingly uttered by the relatively-quiet Ayanna Pressley during a press conference. Her outrageous comments were directed at moderate and old guard Democrats who are Black.

And they all claim they are not racist, but everyone else is!!!


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