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Epstein – Trump/Russia Collusion Part II

Is Jeffrey Edward Epstein the Democrat’s saving grace? Any attempt to discover a lot of information about this ‘supposed’ child sex trafficker is challenging.

What is notable about this person is he is a very wealthy, popular, and respected prominent Democrat. If we believe the press, it appears there are tons of detailed facts stacked against Epstein, so shouldn’t we believe Epstein will have to plead guilty, go to jail, and case concluded?

For a few of us involved in reporting on politics, let’s make sure everyone knows with certainty that politicians don’t give a damn about sex trafficking. There is “NO” desire or interest in either exposing or prosecuting this type of crime for fear of having it come home to roost.

We can also affirm that almost every Democrat President was involved in sexual sins without any repercussions. So, can we please move on knowing this is not about sex crimes?

Like all Democrat schemes, the ‘shinny object’ is always the distraction and in this instance, it’s sex crimes. Let’s then exert our efforts to expose the ‘real’ intent and purpose.

Since the election of 2018, Democrats have and will continue to be fixated on only one issue: “Getting rid of Donald Trump.”

Epstein is the Democrat’s last gasp effort to take down a duly elected President, so if they can do it, how will they do it using this perfect storm?

What won’t happen is Epstein confessing, accepts a jail term, and the story goes away. We must agree the trial must last for years to drive down support of President Trump since they know he won’t buckle because of false claims.

Now, whether Epstein is a willing accomplice or not, Democrats could be using him similarly to Manafort, in the Russia Hoax ordeal – lock him up and try to force him to compose.

In lieu of court trials, we should also consider an immunity deal already prepared for Epstein if he would just say he watched President Trump have sex with a 4-year old girl or boy? Produce a ‘photo-shopped’ picture and Democrats celebrate.

Next, let’s discover if the courts and prosecutors are already tainted? Is the judge a Democrat? Are the prosecutors Democrats? Think these are unfair questions? Please think again.

Let’s just focus upon one of the prosecuting attorneys, it’s none other than Maurene Comey. Is your blurred vision becoming clearer?

Yes, Maureen’s Dad is none other than James Comey, recently fired head of the FBI. We must also note he was the leader of the Trump/Russia Hoax team. What a small world, when it comes to prosecuting President Trump using taxpayer money, right?

Next, let’s ask about a case Maurene has been working on. Surprise, it’s President Trump’s tax returns! Who would have ever believed that? What a coincidence!

Should we believe Maurene and her Dad, have never shared details involving plans to impeach President Trump? The bigger question is do you think Maurene is unaware of the potential of having her Dad prosecuted for his illegal involvement in the Russia Hoax? Is this a perfect set up for revenge?

Can we then believe the entire scheme began with the two ‘ladies’ filing a police report stating sexual events occurred between them 20 years ago? That’s doubtful, because we would have to then question why they were already lawyered up.

Oh yes, let’s not forget what the Democrats did to Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh? Remember women must be believed so there can be no presumption of innocence! Like Ballsie Ford, these two ladies can’t remember a damn thing, but they know for certain they had sex with President Trump around 22 or 26 years ago.

Let’s also ask a larger question, “Why would anyone filing a crime report need a lawyer – if it was a legitimate claim?” Maybe they watched Dr. Ballsie Ford try to help Democrats cancel a Supreme Court Justice appointment and want to be an instant millionaire like her.

Regardless, for trained eyes, we can see where this issue is going, and it isn’t about anything but the Democrat’s number one priority. Epstein, sex trafficking, pornography, or anything else is totally inconsequential.

Democrats are already laying out their bullet proof vests and circling the wagons around Bill Clinton and other Democrat players. Here is what Pelosi’s daughter had to say about his recent arrest: “some favorite figures of both the Right and Left may be implicated in the sex trafficking case alleged against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.”

Finally, by broadening our scope on this issue, we must now wonder how many Trump supporters will also be involved in this Democrat scheme? Might as well predict there will be several if the Democrats think they can get away with it.

Again, this ordeal is not about innocence or guilt, it’s about believing women making the charges some 20-years ago that can’t remember what they had to eat for supper. Now those charged must prove innocence!

By using taxpayer money against personal funds, Democrats are sure to sideline Trump supporters just like they did in the Russia Hoax! That’s the crux of their plan.

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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