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Educational System Secrets of Highest Educated Countries In The World

Governments all over the world strive to give the best education to their citizens. Whereas it is not easy to arrive at universal parameters with which we can rank the best-performing systems, the productivity of the graduates of a system usually gives a vital lead. Students in some countries have nothing tangible to show, while others are just brilliant. You will find a student who cannot help but contract a professional writer to write for him a research paper for money (as But what causes all this difference?

The culture and ideological stance of a nation greatly influence the way they structure their education system. So which are the best education systems in the world, and how do they manage to achieve that position? Here are some of the countries that excel in education and how their education systems stand out.


You can never avoid Singapore in the list of top-achieving countries in education, especially in the Asian continent. But why are they so successful?

Investment in Technology

Singapore has invested massively in digital learning. The students are given reliable access to high-speed internet. Learning materials mostly come in digital form, meaning even the students from low-income households can also access them. This provides a lovely modern learning platform for all, and is a significant motivation to the students.

Positive Psychology

The education curriculum ion Singapore focuses on social and emotional skills. The students learn the latest discoveries involving positivity of the mindset, grit and resilience. By focusing on positive education, the children grow into their studies with a positive approach. They also face the community with the belief that positive change is attainable, and that they are the agents of that change.


The Character first mentality

The Japanese culture trains the children to value positive behavior above mere academic achievement. The belief is that once you achieve the former, the latter follows suit. So the system dedicates the first few school years of the child to the development of positive attributes such as generosity, politeness, compassion, self-control and perseverance. The benefit of inculcating these features in the child’s life is that they are then able to live a frictionless academic life.


In many countries, schools employ staff to help with virtually every menial work in the school. All that the student has to do is to sit in class, read large books, and write his/her research paper. From cleaning the school compound to clearing bushes around the classrooms, somebody is employed to take care of these. The result is that the students graduate from school knowing that theirs is office work or something of that sort-nothing of these other cheap tasks, even if it is cleaning the office.

In Japan, the students do all the cleaning jobs themselves. They do this in teams, thereby learning to always appreciate teamwork and the importance of other people’s contributions. When they finish school, they become people who can easily work harmoniously with others, and who love peaceful coexistence at work.


Get any essay on the success of education systems, and you are sure to first bump onto Finland. But what are their secrets?

Quality, not Quantity

The system is designed around the belief that “less is more.” The time that finish teachers spend teaching in a year is less than half what those in other countries take with the students. Finish teachers instead take more time to focus on professional development. The outcome is students that are fully baked and highly motivated teachers who enjoy their work without exhaustion.

More time outside

In Finland, children spend more time playing and interacting with nature. For them, school life has a lot more to offer than just reading and writing. They learn to value nature, and to interact well with the world outside the classroom-which is the real world. They take educational trips deep into the forests or up the mountains. This way, the children are always lively and mentally healthy.

Caring about society

The system emphasizes the need to take everybody’s needs into consideration. This ensures that even the lowly in society get equal treatment. Because of this, every child in school gets equal opportunities and is allowed and enabled to exploit their potential.

Best trained teachers

Finish teachers are some of the best trained in the world. The five-year teacher training courses go up to masters level, with only the best students being absorbed after a very competitive selection program. The teachers are trained to interact freely with the students in a way that enables them to learn and develop their potentials.

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