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Challenges in cloud computing

How secure is your data?

Cloud computing has a very crucial security aspect. Small and medium enterprises use public cloud for their data storage while governments use private cloud to process their confidential and sensitive data. The data on cloud should not be accessible by everyone except the client and provider. There should be security applications running on the platform for the safety of data, end-to-end encryption file system and other relevant data recovery software.


The data is accessible and can be processed from any place around the world is a successful portable compatibility of cloud computing. The transfer from public-to-public or public-to-private mostly happens and portability is compatible across all platforms in cloud computing. Portability is a real challenge as different platforms use different languages for their programs.

Cloud data portability is the ability to easily transfer data from one cloud service to another cloud service or between a cloud service customer’s system and a cloud service, in a commonly used electronic format. The real challenge is t make sure the process is smooth and data formats match between the provider and target.

Cloud application portability is the ability to easily transfer an application or application components from one cloud service to a comparable cloud service or from a cloud service customer’s system to a cloud service. Again, the challenge is to make sure the process is smooth and relinking or recompiling of code maybe needed.


Interoperability is the compatibility of data across diverse systems to work and process together successfully. Interoperability in cloud computing is the capability of private cloud services, public cloud services, hybrid cloud services and other diverse systems within the enterprise to understand each other’s application and service interfaces, configuration, forms of authentication and authorization, data formats, etc. to work and process with each other. The target is to satisfy clients by making sure that they have a minimal impact on their components while their switching between different cloud service providers.

Quality of service

Service quality is also major reason that enterprises are not adopting cloud technology because of Quality of service problem of allocating resources to the application to assure service level along dimensions such as performance, availability and reliability. The Service-Level agreements (SLAs) are not enough for the assurance and the clients are seeking more guarantee for their businesses.

Performance for computing

Enterprises and firms must spend most on the bandwidth for computing purpose. The data-insensitive programs require tremendous amount of bandwidth as compare to small software programs which are used by small enterprises and businesses. Basic internet connection is not enough for this the cloud shifts the bandwidth focus to connections between the network and cloud infrastructure. So, there is a cost related for adoption of the cloud technology.


The another thriving challenge that cloud computing is facing of cyber-attacks which can theft, attack or damage the data that is processed or stored on the cloud infrastructure. This could be prevented by installing large cyber security systems.

The challenges cloud computing is facing are very serious, but the cloud technologies are also developing and rectifying these challenges. Cloud computing is a real deal and already may enterprises have adopted the cloud technologies and many firms are looking for adoption in the near future. According to IDC, worldwide spending on public cloud computing will increase with a CAGR of 19%. Cloud computing courses and online learning is a useful tool to gain hands on this technology.

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