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Are Democrats Telling Us Black Lives Don’t Matter Anymore?

Every Breath Matters - A.F. BrancoSince the gavel pounded to end the Trump/Russia hoax, isn’t it interesting to watch the ripples flowing across the Democrat party and the Swamp? The hoax that didn’t work is now splattering upon the anti-Trumpers and biting them in the butt.

While many Americans remain uninformed of the criminal investigations into the 2016 Presidential coup d’état, prosecutions are moving forward. As each ripple is investigated, the media and Democrats circle their wagons, attempting to hide or distract everything from the public.

Yes, after millions of dollars were spent, tons of lies told in their attempt to fool the public to gain power, and multiple tin foil hat conspiracies; it’s all over! For Democrats, this is not normal.

Democrats are the most decadent liars and deceivers ever. Democrats are renown for accusing others of doing what they are doing. Their trickery skills are second to none! They have never been challenged and exposed.

So, instead of taking a step backward to analyze and fix what has hit them between the eyes, Democrats choose to falsely believe they have done nothing wrong and push forward to create even more devastation.

Now with all the criminal activities being exposed in their Russia Hoax scheme, they remain convinced it has nothing to do with them. Many are even suggesting President Trump made them do it! Starting to get where Democrats are going?

Imagine sending a Democrat delegation to the Southern Border to check on humanitarian concerns after publicly stating there is no crisis on the border? Yes, as the Democrats push, they are only digging a deeper hole by talking out of both sides of their mouth!

US Government agencies involved in controlling immigration were prepared and staffed to handle a few hundred illegals trying to invade America. However, only after Democrats promoted and solicited illegals to flood America, hundreds of thousands came.

Democrat media sycophants propagandized the crisis on the Southern Border as a President Trump manufactured crisis. After the truth was exposed, Democrats finally pass legislation to fund the humanitarian crisis on the Southern Border.

Another factoid is their delegation arrived on the day legislation to provide humanitarian support for the Southern Border is signed by President Trump. Also, it is critical to understand that members of this Democrat delegation voted “against” humanitarian support for the Southern Border.

Well, after snooping through everything going on at the Southern Border, the only “talking point” they found to run with was, “illegals are forced to drink out of the toilet.” It’s such an egregious talking point one would think it would be fact-checked, but it wasn’t.

Again, please don’t forget we must never bother Democrats or the media with facts, right? Illegals, like is all areas where space is at issue, are drinking from a recognized sanitary fixture having a toilet, drinking fountain, and sink all-in-one fixture. So much for that talking point, right?

Interestingly, wouldn’t you think this ‘loving and caring’ Democrat delegation promoting investigations into inhumane treatment would then travel from our Southern Border to Los Angeles and San Francisco? We know with certainty the homeless and illegals there are being maltreated.

With the Department of Justice breathing down their necks over the Russia Hoax, one would think Democrats would want to be doing something good for America before being arrested and charged with crimes, right? Afterwards, things are going to become difficult from courtrooms wearing jumpsuits!

Yes, the Democrat insanity is now on steroids. They take so many ‘fake’ positions on issues they are now having to stand against what they once stood for!

Democrats are now coming to the ripple’s edge and hitting a brick wall. They are running scared grasping at straws. The Democrat Presidential election campaign is sucking up all the media airtime and know it is a circus not going their way.

Worse yet, Democrats are proving they do not give a damn about Americans! Free healthcare for illegals, free education for illegals, free money for illegals is not a winning mantra.

Now we are learning about their attempt to change laws to allow illegals to vote. If passed, it would allow Iran, Cuba, China, Russia, Venezuela, England, Germany, and all other foreign citizens to vote in America’s elections!

How does that help anyone? Isn’t that insanity? Isn’t that anti-American? Isn’t that treasonous? It’s all the core values of the new Democrat Socialist Party!

We can further conclude Democrats are telling us ‘Black lives’ no longer matter – ‘illegal lives’ matter!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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