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Antigua and Barbuda – opportunities for dwelling and business

This is a progressive waterlocked state in the Caribbean. It is independent since 1981 but still is devoted to the British crown. Great Britain monarch is deemed the Chief Magistrate and is represented by the Governor General. Governor’s authorities are actually nominal, the actual executive power belongs to Prime Minister.

The country’s culture has been shaped in interaction between British Empire and descendants of African immigrants. Antiguans of the 21st century respect and follow traditions, simultaneously actively adopting cultural and trend directions of the Americans. That’s why the country is so attractive for tourists: they can both participate in national carnival and feel connected to civilization.

Exceptional opportunities for businessmen

Economy of the country is built on tourism. It provides lion’s share of GDP and makes out high average income of citizens. Agriculture and industrial sector also make their contribution. However, the main benefit for proprietors is in tax haven banking system.

The government actively develops rather new segment of tax haven activity. Highly profitable and demanded gambling business in Internet is far more economically rational to run for those who have Antigua and Barbuda passport. There is no income tax duty, as well as wealth, dividends and heritage taxes. Moreover, all data about receiving citizenship are confidential and never disclosed to third persons.

How to become a citizen?

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment is a governmental program of the country. According to the law, anyone can become a citizen of the country by one of three ways:

●      a contribution to National Fund of Development;

●      investment in University of West India Fund;

●      investment in project of immovable property approved by the government.There is no need to dwell in the country or arrive to the island to file documents for receiving citizenship. The only thing is required to know the peculiarities of the country, requirements to those who invest and the cost of the program at and entrust documents processing to professionals.

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