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Trump Unveils Patriotic Upgrade To Air Force One

Trump Unveils Patriotic Upgrade To Air Force One

Jake Dima on June 13, 2019

President Donald Trump has just unveiled his plans to renovate Air Force One which will prominently feature the national colors.

Trump plans to paint the presidential plane red, white and blue, as well as substantially increase the size of the aircraft, according to Fox News.


“Here’s your new Air Force One,” Trump told ABC in the oval office, “I’m doing it for other presidents, not for me.”

The plane will have a blue base on the underbelly with red stripes lining the middle. The upper half of the aircraft will be white. The color scheme will replace the one chosen by JFK during in his term, Fox reports.

The current Air Force One has a wingspan stretching over 195 feet and interior space of over 4,000 square feet. Americans can expect these stats to improve when the more patriotic plane takes flight.

Trump reached a deal with Boeing to purchase the plane and reportedly negotiated a $1.4 billion discount. The total cost of his creation is said by Fox to be around $3.9 billion.

When asked by ABC about an escape hatch feature, Trump said, “You know what, there are a couple secrets I don’t think we should be talking about.”

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