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The Biggest Problem With Democrats: They Believe Their Own Lies

When the idiot New York Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, says that the Trump administration has set up concentration camps along the southern border (never mind the fact that these “camps” are in Oklahoma, far from the border with Mexico, and that they are monitored carefully by independent sources to be sure they treat those inside decently) this stupid, valley-girl-sounding woman really believes she is correct, both about the confinement and about the location of the facility. When someone is this ignorant and uninformed, there is no sense telling them they are wrong because their position on the matter is fixed, and their ability and willingness to learn the truth is absent, in this case because the Democrat party line assumes the dogma of a religion, which is therefore infallible and must not be doubted.

Prior to the release of the Mueller report, which the radical, Trump-hating left was assured would indict President Trump on collusion and investigation tampering, the leftist press announced several “bombshells” that would imprison various Trump family members and would force Trump to resign the presidency. Each of these bombshells was announced by the radical cable news networks, and was then immediately forgotten and the next lie was presented and breathlessly announced, because they were all lies, that the press wanted desperately to believe, so they peddled the lies with certainty in order to persuade the ignorant masses they speak to, and lie to, each and every day.

When the radical left pitches another fictitious global warming scare telling the lesser-informed among us of another fixed date at which time the world will be destroyed because Americans run their air conditioners too much, even with the proof over the last 60 years that Paul Ehrlich, Al Gore, Ted Danson, Prince Charles and numerous other celebrities were totally wrong about the warming thing and wrong about the firmly set timing of the end of civilization, these leftists don‘t even bat an eye. The general public’s, and especially the Democrat leaderships’, ignorance of past events and lack of knowledge about the subject matter they are commenting on is so stupendous and obvious, that only truly dumb people would continue to push their lying claims, especially when one of the latest claimants, Ms. AOC herself, says her claim of the earth ending in 12 years was just a phrase and was not intended to be taken literally, but was just an expression used to make her point. And still current Democrat presidential candidates use the lying 12-year due date as proof of the end of planet earth, in spite of AOC having recalled the disastrous event.

When uninformed, stupid people believe and hold firmly to things provably wrong, they will go to their graves embracing these lies, still believing they were correct all the while. The problem that immediately endangers our nation and it’s constitutional principles is that today’s Democrats firmly believe that their semi-religious announcements must be followed, under punishment of federal law, regardless of how wrong and destructive their ideas are to our way of life and our liberties and regardless of the cost to the citizens of the United States.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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