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Prepare for a Post-Trump World Order

Get ready for war?

During the NATO at 70 hearing before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on April 2, 2019, Ian Brzezinski of the Atlantic Council offered a preview of American foreign policy under a Joe Biden administration. Brzezinski submitted the following advice to Senators regarding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)—

“First, the Alliance must accelerate its efforts to increase preparedness for high intensity conflict . . .

“Addressing this challenge is the responsibility of all NATO allies. This is the second challenge before NATO. Our European Allies must invest more to increase the capability and readiness of their armed forces . . .

“Third, NATO needs to reinforce its increasingly vulnerable flanks in North Central Europe, the Black Sea region and the Arctic . . .

“Fourth, the Alliance must more substantially embrace and support the membership aspirations of Ukraine and Georgia.”

Brzezinski’s fourth recommendation is an unnecessary provocation that could easily spark a kinetic war between the United States and the Russian Federation—or one of their proxies (such as Iran). Putin has already demonstrated his willingness to risk world war to prevent Ukraine and Georgia from joining NATO and the European Union (EU). On July 18, 2018, Putin said—

“The key to providing security and safety in Europe is in expanding cooperation and restoring trust, and not in deploying new NATO bases and military infrastructure near Russia’s borders, which is what is taking place now.

“We will respond appropriately to such aggressive steps, which pose a direct threat to Russia. Our colleagues, who are trying to aggravate the situation, seeking to include, among others, Ukraine and Georgia in the orbit of the alliance, should think about the possible consequences of such an irresponsible policy.

“We need a new, positive agenda aimed at collaboration and attempts to find common ground. Of course, I discussed this during my meeting with the President of the United States, Mr. Trump.

“With our views being different on many matters, we agreed that Russia-US relations are deeply unsatisfactory and in many ways even worse than during the Cold War.”

Vice President Biden, the Bully, has already proved his willingness to risk world war to protect Western economic interests in Ukraine. The Euromaidan crisis, after all, erupted after Putin convinced Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to renege on the Ukraine-European Union (EU) Association Agreement in 2013. Putin wanted Ukraine to join the emerging Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) instead. (The EAEU is the trade bloc Hillary Clinton vowed to prevent in 2012 when she was Secretary of State.) Western intelligentsia facilitated regime change to keep Ukraine looking West rather than East.

Truth be told, Bully Biden was looking out for the Burisma Group—a major energy company in Ukraine. Shortly after President Petro Poroshenko signed the Ukraine-EU trade deal in 2014, Bully Biden’s son, Hunter, joined the Burisma Group’s board of directors. In October of 2017, Burisma and the Atlantic Council signed a cooperative agreement stating that the “Atlantic Council will develop transatlantic programs with the Burisma Group’s support, focusing on European and international energy security.” Does this relationship help explain Brzezinski’s testimony at the NATO at 70 hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in April of 2019? Bully Biden must never become President of the United States. He is a clear and present danger to world peace.

Trump is possibly the first President of the United States that Vladimir Putin can find some common ground. It is no secret that Putin longs for a multipolar world augmented by a new international economic order. So does Trump. During his first address before the UN General Assembly on September 19, 2017, President Trump endorsed the UN “vision that diverse nations could cooperate to protect their sovereignty, preserve their security, and promote their prosperity.” Trump also declared that “strong, sovereign nations let diverse countries with different values, different cultures, and different dreams not just coexist, but work side by side on the basis of mutual respect.”

On September 25, 2018, Trump doubled down on his support for a multipolar world when he outlined his “America First” foreign policy agenda based on principled realism guided by outcomes rather than ideology. He told the UN General Assembly— “America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control, and domination. I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return.”

Trump further declared that “trade must be fair and reciprocal,” adding that “many nations in this hall will agree that the world trade system is in dire need of change. For example, countries were admitted to the World Trade Organization that violate every single principle on which the organization is based. While the United States and many other nations play by the rules, these countries use government-run industrial planning and state-owned enterprises to rig the system in their favor. They engage in relentless product dumping, forced technology transfer, and the theft of intellectual property.”

Trump longs for a world order based on cultural coexistence and mutual prosperity. Putin is ready to sit down with him to negotiate its terms and conditions. Atlanticists, Trilateralists, and Globalists, however, will do everything in their power to prevent Trump from reaching the negotiating table. They know Trump has done nothing that cannot be reversed overnight by a Joe Biden presidency. These international factions are extremely resilient. The rules of the existing international economic order remain in their favor. If free trade continues to exist between regulated and underregulated economies, they will continue to win at the expense of the working class. They would rather risk World War Three than share the spoils after winning the Cold War.

If Putin truly desires a multipolar world augmented by a new international economic order, he can start by working with other permanent members of the UN Security Council to find a peaceful resolution to the pending Iranian crisis. The United Nations, after all, was established after World War Two on the principle of multipolarity. Its purpose is to maintain the sovereign rights and territorial integrity of its members. Trump and Putin have already signaled their willingness to pursue gradual UN reform to make it more efficient and effective. Once the United States and Russia are willing to culturally coexist and work together to maintain international peace, a new international economic order that embraces mutual prosperity can be explored.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee must get ready to advise and consent on treaties and executive agreements after President Trump secures four more years in 2020. The influence of the Atlantic Council—and other Atlanticist, Trilateralist, and Globalist think tanks—must be balanced by proponents of alternative world order strategies. The precedent for this approach is documented in my article, The Atlantic Union Idea – Conveniently Forgotten History.

Like former President Reagan, Trump is saving his signature foreign policy achievement for his second term. I hereby call on Senator Rand Paul to convince the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to hold hearings on the future of American foreign and economic policy. A multipolar world augmented by a new international economic order is on the horizon. It will be forged by Sino-Russian conquest (potentially triggering world war)—or international consent. Let’s choose the latter.

In the spirit of Federalist No. 10, it’s time to explore a post-Trump world order capable of controlling the effects of international faction. We, the people, must work together to prevent Atlanticists, Trilateralists, and Globalists from picking up where they left off after term-limits finally end the Trump era. These factions, and their minions in the U.S. Congress, are setting the stage for World War Three. They truly believe that the national security interests of the United States are synonymous with their own. The Atlantic Council does not speak for me.

Senator Paul, are you listening?

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  1. Update: Biden just indicated he would call for a global summit on democracy if elected President. This summit could be used to explore Atlantic unification, federal or otherwise.

    President Trump should call his own global summit before the 2020 election to explore a more conservative world order. Russia and China should be invited.

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