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How Stupid Can You Get?

Asking some people, “How stupid can you get,” may create many conversations. Does anyone remember when parents taught their children, “better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt?”

Unfortunately, it’s not any longer just children making fools of themselves. Nope, in today’s ‘enlightened’ elite Ivy League college educated societies, it’s adults!

Of course, they should know better. At the least, there is no valid reason for any adult to not be able to research facts about any topic.

We have US Congressman, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and other Government leaders making foolish statements like…

Politicians want to suggest these and other blatant lies are simply mistakes, but don’t we know better? If we use math as a simple analogy, why would any “enlightened” and “privileged” elite say, “1 + 1 = 3?”

At this point, it’s difficult to present reality without being very blunt and hurting feelings. It’s obvious politicians, the mainstream media, Democrats, and anti-Trumpers falsely believe the American public is stupid.

Unfortunately, these sycophants believe they can say or do anything and it’s okay. Their propaganda is cycled throughout their distribution centers and each time it cycles more of them – not us, believe every word of it. It’s the proverbial ‘smoking your own dope’ scenario.

Once inducted into this elite organization, morals and ethics are immediately obliterated from their minds. They are then re-programmed to only fight for power and money.

Most in Congress enter with a net worth in the thousands but exit as multi-millionaires. Anyone believe this is accidental? Rest assured it is not brilliance that inflates their wallets, right?

Those of us living in the real world understand this is also an illustration of a prostitute’s life. The difference being is prostitutes are not pretentious or arrogant. Of course, we could also confirm prostitutes don’t lie or deceive, right? It is what it is!

Now, let’s not paint all politicians with the broad stroke of a brush. Yes, there are some with the best of intentions that are honest and honorable. It’s just they are a tiny minority.

Try to understand why Black Congressional representatives have their own segregated caucus but yell at White Congressmen for being ‘racists!’ Can anyone make sense out of unethical people or is it even possible?

Imagine all the Congressmen willing to toss billions and trillions of taxpayer dollars on Ponzi schemes designed to enrich their ‘friends and families’ at Ivy League colleges, but won’t provide funding for the border crisis! Isn’t that the epitome of stupidity?

To add salt to the wound, our border crisis exists because Democrats have advertised and invited illegals to come vote in America to replace party members leaving their plantation. It’s confirmation of idiocy gone wild!

Will American voters ever awaken to the reality that not every Black, Hispanic, Asian, White, or whatever will be a good thing in Congress? When do we forego skin color and simply ask, “Do you love God and America?”

Maybe only then will we finally be able to begin to see ‘real’ change in America! Regardless, it is going to have to start with VOTERS because politicians are never going to change!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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