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How does Follower to Following Ratio Matter?

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There are a lot of things which come to the mind of a user when they click on the follow button of your account. It could be about the quality of content, the consistency of quality over the different posts, likes and comments, and most importantly the number of followers and followings.

This comparison between the number of followers and followings is called follower/following ratio. It is an important metrics while judging the quality of content. Those with low follower/following ratio are low-quality content account and are looking at como comprar seguidores instagram. The high ratio accounts are basically the celebrities and the influencers.

When does it Matter?

There is a limit to following but the number of followers you can have is unlimited. The limit to follow users on Instagram is 7500 which makes the follower to the following ratio to grow. It is a better metric when the number of followers is between 1000 to 15000. The average number of followers for your personal account would be around 150 because they are all your friends or family members who know you. They don’t look at the follower to following ratio. With 1000 followers, you are a micro influencer or a small business and with 15000 followers you are a perceived influencer. The quality of content comes into the role once you are perceived as an influencer. This proves the success you had and the solid follower base.

Ratio Values

With 1000 to 15000 followers, these are what the follower/following ratio tells about your account.

<0.5 – Spammer – Users who are pretty new to Instagram and are using automation to poke the followers and expect a follow back.

0.5-1 – Suspicious – users with poor quality content or poking the wrong people using the automation tools

1-2 – Normal – Users with some success with automation tools but need to focus on other methods to increase engagement.

2-10 – Micro-Influencer – Users who have good content and know how to use automation tools

10+ – Influencer – Like the social media celebrities who have good quality content and brands like to partner with them

This ratio is the value of how the users perceive your account but it is important to know is your account worthful. There are various third-party apps which are accessible to calculate your account worth on social media platform. It is important to understand your worth and improve on the content vigorously to drive customer engagement.

The follower/following ratio is the real measure for many users while deciding to follow or not. If you have less number of followers, chances are that there would less follow requests and quality of your content would be the secondary choice of the users. There are many other factors which revolve in the mind of the users while choosing to follow or not.

If you are an influencer or a brand, then the users tend to follow the account blindfolded because of the trust that they have gained over the period of time.

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