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American Democrats: Lying In The Morning, Lying In The Evening, Lying At Suppertime

With apologies to the McGuire Sisters for wrecking the lyrics of their 1958 song, Summertime, I submit this opinion piece because the song’s rhythm and words came to mind recently as I watched Hillary Clinton give a commencement speech at Hunter college, during which she lied about the Trump administration from beginning to end while additionally claiming that Trump personally had broken laws and should be in jail. This radical rant demonstrates how out-of-touch Hillary is, when, on July 5, 2016, even James Comey told us of the numerous crimes committed by Hillary when she was Obama’s Secretary of State. Comey at that time was still head the FBI and should have known what he was talking about.

Of course, the liberal press noted no factual conflict with Hillary’s lies and saw no comparison her own past misdeeds. What kind of lying, blindfolded press would allow this brand of dishonesty to go unchallenged when everyone knows the truth of these matters? It’s not enough to say that the press is (are) an agent of the Democrat party. There is some serious problem with the likes of CNN, MSNBC, NYT and other liberal journalist groups when they allow this sort of dishonest activity to exist and even thrive.

How can such a lying press be trusted to ever report honestly on current events impacting our nation and let the public know when a Democrat president goes astray while in office? Given the silence of the press in its NOT reporting the immigrant invasion at our southern border and, in fact, their active pretense that groups of immigrants were NOT forming a year or so ago as President Trump warned the nation of this impending disaster, and as Fox News had a reporter traveling with the crowd as it moved north through Mexico, leftist media members have proven themselves to be untrustworthy. The fools at CNN continually and repeatedly stated that there was no such mass of people marching north until the thousands of invaders hit Tijuana and caused havoc there a few weeks later.

In spite of their often understandable dislike of the president, is there no real world that the Democrats recognize that would inform the leftist press of the real nature of Hillary and of their own dangerous, deranged, hate of President Trump?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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