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5 Best Video Games to Play on Your Outdoor Projector

The best part about gaming using a projector is the fact you can play any game you like. On the other side, we can see that not all games will look great on the projector. So which games deserve this type of gaming? There are 5 of them and we will guide you through the list right now, right here.

  1. Steel Battalion

Steel Battalion is a unique game in any way possible. In the game, you will control a machine known as a vertical tank that has legs, literally. You should have a specific controller that is made for the game only. It has 2 sticks and 40 buttons. Sad part is that all the units were sold as soon as they hit the market. There were a few additions to the market but they were sold out as well. Keep in mind that the original controller, the first edition has buttons in green color. All other controllers have blue buttons.

The game is complicated. As soon as you start you must load the operating system of the machine, you must keep the temperature low and you must make sure to move it accordingly and slowly. If you move it too fast the machine will fail. The main reason why this is the best game is the amount of data you have on the screen while gaming. On a projector that data looks ideal.

  1. Fortnite

You probably knew that Fortnite will be on our list. After all, it is the most popular game of 2019 and it deserves special attention. The game is based online and there are three main modes you can play. The first is Fortnite: Save the World and here a team of 4 players will have to complete various missions. The opponents are AI controlled so the gaming is easier and more suitable for those who like teamwork. Fortnite: Battle Royale is completely opposite. Here you will have to defeat all other players on the map and remain as the one winner. There will be 100 players at the beginning. The Fortnite Creative allows you to collect materials, construct and fight. It is known as a sandbox mode of the game and it is currently very popular.

The game has stunning graphics and the latest innovations are all implemented. On a projector, the gaming looks better than ever before and you can use the open world to the max. The only thing to remember is that you need a powerful projector to gain the best graphics. If the FPS is decreased gaming won’t be very good.

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft has been an extremely popular game which uses an open world and online connection. In the game, you can do literally anything. There are different modes that allow you to collect resources to fight or build your own worlds. There are no limits here so you can literally construct anything you like. It is a known fact that one player developed the entire processor-scheme world in the game. You will have an impression that you are walking on the motherboard and look at the Intel processor.

All open world games are extremely appealing to play on the outdoor projector. They simply give you a lot of freedom and present you a massive world loaded with all the details and essentials. Minecraft is one of those games and you don’t even need the most expensive projector to play it. All you need is a decent model with basic features.

  1. Grand Theft Auto V

In the game, you will be located in San Andreas which is a virtual city. All you have to do is to be a gangster and control your gang or go and make some mess in the city. There are no limitations as you already know. A player can hijack cars can attack people, police and try to escape the police. The last thing is the best-known characteristic of the game. Police chases are massive, long and require from you to pay close attention to all the elements.

On an outdoor projector, you will get the ultimate feeling while playing the game and while escaping the police. It is extremely difficult and rewarding gameplay that helps you enjoy like you have never before. The open world freedom is something special when paired with the projector.

  1. Rocket League

The game literally combines rocket powered cars and football. You will have to play in teams and you should score a goal using your car. The game is fast-paced, the graphics is stunning and the overall appeal is even better. You will be thrilled the entire time you play the game and you will love each moment.

On an outdoor projector, you can get the best experience. The fast-paced gaming alongside the advanced movements and demanding story is something all gamers crave for. We had a great time playing the game on a computer monitor and on a projector. Yes, it will require some time to get used to it but you will get so much more. Don’t forget that the game is available for all popular platforms. You can play it on a PC, Mac, Linux PS and etc. Here you definitely need a powerful outdoor projector that has a lot of versatile features and can push the games to its limit. There are a lot of details you need to see and utilize, hence a weak and low-end projector won’t help you much.


These games are great to play on your computer or even a smartphone. But, they are even better to play an outdoor projector. We played all of them on several different projectors and we can reveal that the experience is one of a kind. It is special in the lack of a better word and it offers you an unforgettable memory. Yes, you can still play other games as well, but these 5 look like they were developed for a projector. It is so simple and so effective type of gaming.

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