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Unhinged, Psychotic, Destroy Trump Media Refuses To Let Go


Democrats lost their minds when Trump won in 2016.

And they’ve never gotten over it since and now with the Mueller report and four other consecutive investigations showing no collusion whatsoever they have completely gone ballistic.


Now, a bombshell poll shows just how far “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has gotten.

After two years in office and four years in the political spotlight, it’s clear that the entire Democratic Party has an irrational hatred of the President that is bordering on the absurd.

Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want nothing more than to see the President impeached and removed from office, while others such as Barack Obama want to see Trump removed or defeated in 2020 in order to preserve his liberal legacy from his own time in office.

Even more, the field of Democratic candidates in 2020, headed by Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, has used hatred of the President as a major litmus test for the Democratic nomination. If a candidate isn’t sufficiently hateful towards the President, it’s unlikely they’ll ever win the nomination.


 “The belief that the president committed treason is shared by 28% of men and 37% of women. There is a significant generation gap: 48% of those under 35 believe he is guilty, a view shared by just 20% of senior citizens. Twenty-six percent (26%) of white voters agree along with 49% of black voters and 50% of Hispanic voters,” adds Scott Rasmussen.

It’s not a simple thing to throw around, especially directed at the President of the United States. And yet nearly 60% of the Democratic party electorate believes, without any evidence, that the President committed treason.

Treason is one of the most difficult crimes to convict someone of as well, due to the constitutional process that is laid out to define and try someone for treason.

This is madness. There is zero proof whatsoever that the President ever committed treason.

In fact, there’s plenty of proof to show that he never committed any treason, due to the extensive Mueller investigation that recently concluded, showing that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians in the 2016 election, which Democrats claim was stolen from them.

But with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi running out of options to remove Trump from office short of defeating him for re-election in 2020, it’s clear that Democrats are now just grasping at straws at this point.

Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Comey, Strzok. Strzok’s honey Lisa Page, Rubenstine, the DNC minions, the Clinton Cartel and the whole Obama corrupt administration will throw each other under the bus as Barr’s Real Russian Collusion investigation starts up with Nunes’ criminal referrals and Horowitz’s investigation is revealed (Comey’s in two weeks and the rest of the story w/INDICTMENTS out in May or June) Can’t wait for the Uranium I investigation to come out, that will finish off the Clintons, Mueller, Rosenstine, Bark O and his minions. LOCK THEM UP!

Not a single Democrat has viewed the minimally redacted Mueller report provided to select members of Congress, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday.

“Not a single Democrat has even taken the time to go and look at it,” Sanders told reporters, referring to a version of the report that is much less redacted than the version made public. “They’re asking for information they know they can’t have. The attorney general is actually upholding the law.”


Almost the entire report — 98.5 percent — is available in the version provided to Congress, according to the Department of Justice. The only redacted portions are grand jury information that by law cannot be disclosed, even to Congress.

House Democrats voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress on Wednesday because he refused to turn over the totally unredacted version of the Mueller report, and additional underlying materials. The White House says that would improperly reveal sensitive information, citing the grand jury information as confidential by law

The portions that are redacted in the version released to the public are labeled in each case as being left out for one of four reasons: harm to ongoing matter, grand jury material, classified information, and personal privacy.

I have never seen such a bunch of sore losers willing to go to extreme instances to get their way and overthrow a president who really cares about the country and is doing so much good for it. He is giving power back to the people where it belongs and these Dems want total government control over our lives. They think they know better how to run our lives than we do. Pure communism!!!


This is a mass psychotic rage by the Dems against a sitting president. It is nothing but harassment and abuse of power now with issuing subpoenas pushing a debunked conspiracy theory.

They don’t want to look at documents, even though an unredacted Mueller report is available, because they don’t want to know the truth. After four investigations and 1.5 million documents handed over shows no collusion it has become a circus sideshow. They have conned the American people for two years now and want to undo a duly elected sitting president with a total hoax.

If Biden or a dem gets in it will be Obama all over again. Just a reminder that under Obama:

*8 million more people were on food stamps and 13 million more were in poverty.

*The lowest labor participation rate since the ’70s.

*The lowest recovery since the ’40s.

*the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years

*The only President and V.P never to reach a 3.0 GDP.

*They took in more debt than the 43 previous presidents combined.


Now you compare that to what trump has done in just two and a half years:

* We have the most people working than ever before  (160 million working) because he lowered the business taxes and companies are coming back here from overseas and hiring.

* We’ve built up our military that Obama decimated. We now have the newest and best jets, best ships and aircraft carriers all being built in the U.S.

* We are energy independent for the first time in 75 years.

* We are respected again throughout the world.

* Record low unemployment in 49 years now at 3.2 percent.

* A ten year high in wage growth likely to keep accelerating.

* GDP at 3.2 percent after the first quarter which is unheard of.

I recently saw this great comment under a story that sums up how many people feel today, ”I want to see John Kerry arrested and convicted, maybe the first of 1,000’s of corrupt DEMS. We MUST GET DEMS out of Washington D.C., drain the swamp, so American can be strong, safe, honest and GREAT again. Until then we are fighting the dirty, corrupt, slimy SWAMP of DEMS. They are a totally corrupt party that HATES America and want it destroyed. Why did they with NO permission, in the dark of the night STEAL 150 BILLION and give it to Iran? Why did Hillary illegally sell our much needed URANIUM? The party is totally corrupt. Why do people like AOC and Bernie, and all those other WACKOs want to give everything away to illegal INVADERS, when we have Americans that need help? They HATE America and AMERICANS. They want the dirty,diseased people coming here illegally to vote for them as they are POWER HUNGRY disgusting people . They have people like Tlaib and Omar who HATE America and the U.S. Constitution and for little children being taught to chop off our heads right in Philadelphia at a mosque and you can see the video for yourself. These are people that are DEMS, not decent people. Now REPUBLICANS ( but a few like Romney, Flake, & McCain was…Horrible too) LOVE America and want it GREAT again. GOD put in DONALD J TRUMP to SAVE America. GOD bless America. GOD bless  Donald TRUMP.

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