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Sarah Sanders Sets The Record Straight On Trump’s Economic Boom


Over the last few weeks, Democrats have pushed the narrative that it’s Barack Obama who is responsible for today’s booming economy, not Donald Trump.

But Sarah Sanders finally decided to set everyone straight on Saturday, explaining that it is, in fact, Trump’s policies that have stimulated the economy. Meanwhile, she said, “it’s truly mind-boggling” that Dems are continuing to push socialism knowing how well the economy is doing under conservative policies. More people are working than ever before, We have a GDP growth of 3.2%. Unemployment in all ethnicities is at a 50 year low, we are energy independent for the first time in 75 years, countries are respecting us again and there are more jobs available than people looking and all the Dems can talk about is Russia, Russia, Russia collusion and Trump’s taxes because they have no new ideas of their own except this ridiculous Green New Deal.

Obama put 1200 restrictions on us in the form of regulations and Trump got rid of 700 of them (30,000 pages) thus freeing us from Obama’s bonds holding everything back taking government control out of people’s lives so I don’t care about Trump’s taxes or how much he lost at one time. All big companies have losses at one time or another.

It’s clear that socialism just doesn’t work. Venezuela used to have one of the richest economies in the world. Now, Venezuelans are dying in the streets. This is because their leader, Nicolas Maduro, tried to convert Venezuela into a socialist regime. It took less than a decade for him to completely ruin the country.

C hurchil on socialaism

Democrats try to pitch socialism as though it will solve all of our problems, but this system clearly only makes things worse. The only people who have money and enjoy success in a socialist system are politicians — which is why Dems really want our country to go in that direction. As Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialism is fine until you run out of other peoples’ money.”

During the 2016 presidential election season, economists thought everything was going to turn south not long after Trump took office. Trump has not only proved them wrong, but his policies have also stimulated economic growth like we have never seen before: more people are working, people are making more money, and more importantly, people are taking home more money.

“Under this president, [the] American economy is booming, we’re thriving, and we’re doing better than we’ve done in a long time,” Sanders said.

Just in the month of April, payrolls increased by more than 263,000 jobs. And unemployment is now at 3.6%, a 49-year low.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has the unmitigated gall to say that jails would be overcrowded if we arrested all Trump officials.”

How about arresting the real Russian colluder and obstructor Hillary and her gang Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Strzuk Page, and others. Hillary sold uranium to Russia for 145 million to her crooked scam foundation and destroyed subpoenaed e-mails and devices. She and the DNC also paid foreign spy Christopher Steele one million dollars to write a fake Russian dossier on Trump so they could get a FISA warrant to tap Trump’s officials’ phones. That’s Watergate on steroids. They all go scott free and are the real ones who should be in jail while Trump is doing his best to make America great again and free us from the bonds of Obama and the socialist democrats that want to enslave us all with their big government policies.

I have been doing a lot of research on this and It is becoming clearer through forensic evidence that the Hillary campaign initiated the Trump-Russian collusion hoax as a cover-up for an inside job at the DNC (by a disgruntled staff worker) that stole Clinton’s emails by downloading off the server to a thumb drive. The intelligence service then joined in to support the fake narrative. Game on, Hillary supporters at the FBI and Justice Department joined in to downplay the Clinton use of an illegal private server for government business while Sec, Of State and intensifying the focus on the Russian-Trump collusion story by leaking classified information and so that a special prosecutor would be assigned to investigate Trump. Finally, Clinton paid for Russian intelligence through a foreign agent (Christopher Steele)to be used as opposition research and then used to obtain multiple FISA warrants without revealing the source. Meanwhile, FBI Director Comey refused to confiscate the DNC server from which the emails, leaving the content of that server unknown. Furthermore, when Congress subpoenaed Hillary’s emails on her illegal private server and staff cell phones, she instead deleted 33,000 of the emails, acid washed the hard drive, removed memory chips and then smashed with hammers over a dozen staff cell phones. Yet the FBI brought no obstruction of justice charges.

Democrats are so unethical and dishonest it shows they are all about a corrupt political party protecting malfeasance and corruption of the Obama administration spying on Trump as well as exonerating a corrupt Hillary Clinton. The title of the bestselling book by Fox lawyer Geg Jarrett says it all, “ The Russia Hoax: The Plot to Exonerate Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump.” The Democrats have moved from being a political party to a crime organization and electing them has enormous negative consequences for the nation.  Their legislation is often corrosive and harmful to the nation and they embody demagoguery as their creed.  They now are falsely and fraudulently voting on contempt of the Attorney General.   Democrats use elected office to smear opponents, they have no facts on their side to impeach President Trump, so they make up allegations and therefore they cannot be trusted in elected office.  And they control the House of Representatives in both an incompetent and intolerant manner exemplified by Pelosi whose San Francisco is a mess as California is a political and unworkable mess caused by Democrats and she has the gall to complain about Trump?

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