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How to choose the best wedding tablecloth?

Are you planning your wedding reception? If yes, then perhaps it could be one of the significant events that you are organizing. You have many important decisions to make here. And sometimes, the choices you need to make are overwhelming.

One of the most critical decisions is to choose the ideal wedding decor. And here you need to concentrate on the wedding tablecloth that you use. While you can have access to the factory tablecloth to select from, you need to keep a few necessary steps in mind.

  1. Consider the budget

It is a vital consideration for you! Today, you will have access to many types of styles and fabrics. So, you need to get the best value for a table linen. For instance, the tablecloths measuring up to floor length can cost anything between $10 and $15 and sometimes more too. Hence, if you have a wedding planner taking charge of your wedding reception, be clear about your budget. There’s no need for tablecloth linens to be costly. You can select an affordable tablecloth that looks good and caters to your purpose.

  1. Know whether you consider rent

You can either purchase an affordable tablecloth or can rent it from a friend or relative! For those who want to add to their savings, borrowing is a good deal. But you should also be aware of stains, time, quality and wrinkles. If you know anyone lending a tablecloth that means they are providing you used ones. Chances are these tablecloths got washed with laundry detergents and might have stains and discolorations. And that might ruin the look of your table! Plus, the tablecloth has to be of a uniform color and design. No relative can have many tablecloths of similar design. So, it is always best to rent or buy the same at a discounted price from many online service providers.

  1. Color, patterns, and fabric

Satin, polyester, and sequins – the options for wedding tablecloths are never ending! Polyester seems to be a smart choice as it adds to your savings and also the table decor. Do you want to make it look slightly classy? And do you also want to keep a check on your budget? If yes, it’s best to opt-in for a pintuck or a satin tablecloth.

Do you want other options to select from? You can consider the taffetas and the faux burlaps that can add a rustic feel to the wedding decor with its natural and soft linen. You can even check-out the lace and jacquards option as well. Generally, if you are paying a hefty price for this, you might get an embroidered or a lace tablecloth that has intricate and beautiful sequins work on it.

  1. Table size and shape

It is one of the most important considerations. Know that whether you are having guest tables or cocktail tables and the relative sizes. Based on the table size and type, you can select your tablecloth accordingly.

You can even think of the accessories you want to use on the tablecloth! That will help you get clear on the color and fabric. Once you’ve made your mind, you can place an order from the best online service provider and add to your savings.

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