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Elizabeth Warren Says No to Funding Charter Schools


Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she wanted to keep public tax dollars away from charter schools.


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The 2020 hopeful’s remarks come as Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders called on banning charter schools and funding toward such institutions in an education policy proposal released Saturday.

Sanders’s charter school solutions include requiring charters to comply with the same oversight regulations for public schools, supporting unionization for charter school teachers and placing caps on CEO salaries.

Warren’s team did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. .. I will take over your country in one generation, just give me your children to “educate”. The colleges and Universities are filled to the brim with Marxist Critical Theorists . Go to any college and check the titles of the
    “ research” being published by the humanities , history, english etc “ professors” .They are tearing our nation’s values to piece, unchecked, unquestioned, fully supported by the administrations. Our children are sitting in.a tsunami of anti-American propaganda and paying for it?

  2. Martin Johnson

    I believe it’s best that communists like Elizabeth Warren leave the schools to the local communities and for Gods sake stay away from our children.

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