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What you must know before renting a storage facility for the first time

Use of self-storage units is very popular in the US that started the trend in the 1960s and now it has become a way of life for people in many places across the world. Indeed, there are some valid reasons for using self-storage when moving home and shifting to a smaller home that cannot accommodate all the items. The scope of temporary storage in Centennial in the short or long term turns very helpful in such situations. However, this is just one stream of goods that flow into the self-storage facilities that are popular for creating additional space. A major chunk of goods that find a place in self-storage units are the possessions of people that they keep hoarding just for the satisfaction of acquiring it. The huge inventory of junk items that people are hesitant to part with constitutes a sizeable portion of goods that find its way into the self-storage units.

Storage facilities come with different attachment. It’s the price, conditions, space or the lease period. Renting the storage also comes with certain requirements. We all have our first time which was either productive or the worst experience ever. New business, homeowners or tourist in London need to consider few details before renting storage. Check out the requirements that fit your need for a self-storage in London. The price, space what you’re planning to store and whether it’s a long term or short term project. The factors and the items to store determine what kind of storage unit to settle for. 

The storage facility offers short term as well as long term solutions to storage problems and provides an ideal stop gap arrangement to help you get organized. Although it begins with short term storage goals, it happens that once goods are out of sight it goes out of minds too and it stays in place even for a much longer period than envisaged. That is no theoretical talk but based on data collected from various studies that point to the trend of leaving goods in self-storage units for much longer duration and that gives a boost to the business. The average period of goods staying in self storage can be as close as to a year.

For first timers who are on the lookout for renting self storage units, it might be a confusing and challenging task unless they prepare well. Gathering information about the different types of storage facilities and knowing the basics of the business should help to take the right steps for choosing storage units that meet the needs as well as the budget.

Full-service storage

Full-service storage companies arrange to pick-up the goods from the customer’s premises and deliver them to the storage unit. Many people term it as valet style service that is different in the way self-storage units operate. Some full-service storage companies allow customers to place a call on their mobile phones to request and schedule a return or pick-up. Customers who hire a full-service storage company do not have to worry about delivering the possessions to the storage unit which is convenient for many. Taking photos of your belongings and documenting it, as done by some full-service storage companies, makes it easy for customers to locate their items as they get a complete inventory list that is available online.


Taking care of your goods by yourself is the philosophy of self-storage companies that provide the space with proper security and safety for storing the goods. It is the most popular option for storing household goods including larger items like cars and boats. When renting a self-storage facility, it is the customers’ responsibility to deliver the goods to the storage units themselves. Similarly, they must also arrange for picking up the items when they need them. Customers must make an inventory list and document all the items they put into self-storage units.

Finding a storage unit

With more than 50,000 storage units across the US, it should not be difficult to locate a facility near you. The internet is the best place to search for storage facilities, but you must first decide which type of storage unit you need. Next to consider is the location and the terms of service as well as the rental charges. Finally, you must consider the safety and security, ease of access and any special environmental requirement like climate-controlled areas, etc.

In urban areas, where driving and parking are issues, and many people are well-off without their own cars, people prefer full-service storage companies that can move goods from high rises and take it safely to the storage facility. However, if you have fewer items to store and have access to a car, self-storage facilities are affordable options.

The size that suits your needs

Self-storage units are very flexible and can meet all kinds of customer needs from a very small size of units to massive units, Storage units are available in sizes, 5’x5’and 5’x10′ at the lowest level and then goes up to 10’x10′ and thereafter 10’x15′, 10’x15′,10’x20′ and 10’x30′ which can hold goods equivalent to 5 or 7 bedrooms. You can even place a mid-sized car inside the storage unit if you want. The same flexibility of size is available for full-service storage, and you must calculate the total area that you need. Knowing the area that your goods are likely to occupy should give you an idea about the size of the storage unit that you need.

Storage duration determines the cost

Monthly contract is the prevailing practice in the self-storage facilities, and it suits customers who can change their storage plans whenever they want. If someone had planned to store long term and the need changes after that, then there is no problem to cut short the planned storage time. Full- service storage companies too, offer monthly contracts but some companies might ask for a minimum 3-month contract.

Climate controlled storage

No matter which type of storage service you prefer, you might need a climate controlled environment if you are storing furniture and clothes. Most storage units are aware of the demand for climate-controlled environment and offer the facility. In a temperature-controlled environment, the humidity remains optimal, and the inside temperature remains balanced, never reaching the extremes that protect the stored items from damages.

The storage units with controlled climate prevent the growth of mold, mildew and other harmful elements besides keeping the inside air clean. Paper products, wood paints, ceiling tiles, carpet, upholstery, fabric, and wallpapers are highly vulnerable to molds, and if you have such items in your list, you must store it in a climate-controlled storage facility.

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