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What Do Our Radical, Democrat Presidential Candidates Think They Are Doing?

The current pack of Democrat presidential candidates, and other non-national Democrat politicians, are drifting to the political left at an alarming rate and seem to be in a competition with each other to get the leftist press’s attention and get limelight coverage for their radical views on all the cable news panels.

Bernie Sanders, our resident Socialist, frowning, curmudgeon, was filmed in the 1970’s smiling brightly as he honeymooned in the Soviet Union where he felt like he was among like-minded friends, is now pretending that he hates Communism and only wants to get proper services to Americans who have been so mistreated by their backward government.

Beto O’Rourke recently asked his youthful audience what they wanted him to propose to do as president and he promised to do what they wanted as soon as he was elected. Now there’s a purposeful, thoughtful politician for you. And he probably would try to implement everything the young people want whether it was a good idea or not. He’ll go as far left as necessary to gain power, period.

Elizabeth Warren, the woman whose wealth came from indebted, over-borrowed college students, whose cushy Harvard professorship came at the expense of minority individuals for whom her pretense of having Indian blood was reserved, is of course concerned by the indebtedness of those students and the joblessness of actual people of Indian blood, whose job she stole.

Candidates Harris, Booker and the other wealthy Democrat candidates, are very concerned with the poverty that the Democrat party has imposed on people of all races unfortunate enough to listen to and believe their lies these last 20 years. But we hear no real solutions coming from these candidates’ mouths, except for their promises of infinite giveaways and big-government programs that will cost trillions of dollars and will collapse our economy, and perhaps the occasional proposal that we import millions of additional Central American caravan occupants as a way of fixing our national need for more poor, uneducated, unhealthy, Spanish-speaking people that our nation is faced with.

Then there’s the newly elected governor of the sanctuary state of California, Gavin Newsom, who quickly after election flew off to San Salvador to advise that population of the benefits of coming to America and enjoying the pleasant way of life we (used to) have here, while the state he left behind is crumbling and being inundated with human feces, druggy needles, homeless camp sites, disease, impoverishment and over-taxed citizens, and Newsom will not take one step to prevent illegals from entering his state.

Are Democrats taking these drastic, unprecedented positions to attract young, starry-eyed voters in an attempt to get favorable cable TV coverage from a corrupt press corps, or do they actually believe the nonsense and foolish drivel they spout each and every day of their lives?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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