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The Left Is Having The Mueller Report Their Way

Prior to the release of the Mueller report leftist Democrats claimed that Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary in the 2016 election, and after the release of the Mueller report our leftists are still claiming that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, plus they now add the claim that Trump obstructed justice to boot, and they attribute both of these charges to poor old Robert Mueller and his report.

There would not be any hand-wringing discussions underway about Trump innocence or guilt, and Robert Mueller would not be ordered to report to the Democrats in the House of Representatives to give testimony, and Mr. Mueller himself would not be the target of leftist press harassment outside his church on Easter Sunday, if the report had indeed indicted President Trump as the radical leftists have stated. If the Mueller report had clearly stated that the Trump candidacy had colluded and if it had clearly found that President Trump attempted to halt and interfere with the Mueller probe in any way, Democrats in the House would already have voted to impeach and they would be pushing the Senate to convict. But these things have not happened because the report did not find against Trump, even in a round-about way.

For example, the leftist press claims that the Mueller report found that Trump is likely guilty of obstruction of justice because the report stated that the investigators could not prove that he didn’t obstruct, although no criminal investigator/prosecutor will ever attempt to prove innocence. Their job is for prove guilt only, and the report clearly stated that it was unable to prove any guilt. So our leftist radicals are left with weak reasoning and insulting arguments in their attempts to get the nation riled up over the most exhaustive and expensive criminal investigation our nation has ever contrived.

So the Trump-hating Deep State has taken the report that they’ve anxiously awaited for two years in anticipation of its indictment of our president, misread its findings, misstated it conclusions and is now embarking on a new anti-Trump tirade as though the Mueller report never happened.

Are Democrats demented fools or what?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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