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Predictions of Enviro-Religious Doom Has AOC’s Believers Seeking Redemption

One supposes that even liberal Democrats can at times see the error of their ways, and will occasionally seek forgiveness for the things they believe they’ve done wrong. The current fretting by Warming/Change advocates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, has all of the qualities of the periodic predictions of doom and gloom that we’ve seen occasionally from kooks of all kinds who will tell us to “repent” of our sinful ways and start getting right with the Lord, or else we will be exterminated. One of the more recent such predictions came with the Harmonic Convergence of a few years ago. Other scares have come with the alignment of the stars or the passing of the moon in front of the sun.

So when Bernie and AOS gave us their shrill prediction that the end of the world would be here in twelve years (actually it’s now only eleven and a half years because six months have already passed, and I’ve seen no temperature spikes or weather occurrences that concern me so far) most sensible people took this warning as the kook, Shamanic, religious freak blast we’ve seen so many times in the past as these nuts prepare to meet their maker. But since today’s Democrats have no traditional belief in an all-powerful God, I don’t know exactly what these weirdos believe in nor what they fear.

This bunch of leftists are somewhat different from the Harmonic Convergence fears of a few years ago. This crowd is high on the seductive religion of politics and power, and they claim that environmental science is the source of their wisdom, although the science of even simple weather forecasts is an inexact one. So how can one predict the end of the earth in twelve years when next week’s temperature prediction often deviates from the scientific forecast made by “scientists” using expensive instruments and technology?

Another obstacle to believing this latest Warming farce is that real science is built on verifiable, repeatable results, whereas the current predictions of earthly doom come from computer modeling, and we know that computers only produce data based on what was input in the first place, and this modeling is exactly what environmentalists are using as their source of information. It’s just another case of garbage-in, garbage-out. That’s not a firm base on which to mount a life-changing set of rules for an entire nation to live or die by.

Perhaps the Bernie/ AOS people got the latest predictions of global destruction from the ever-reliable Al Gore, the father of all of this nonsense. But old Al predicted the melting of the earth’s polar ice caps some years ago, and that hasn’t happened yet, nor has his prediction of the demise of the Polar Bears become fact. And along with Gore and his nut-job predictions, is Ted Danson, who predicted the death of the Oceans about twenty years ago, and Paul Ehrlich who, in the 1960s, predicted total global war due to a lack of food; neither of which predictions has come to pass. And not only have these Warming/Change advocates not apologized for their past mistakes and lies, but now they are doubling down and coming again for our money and our liberties with this new 12-year scam.

So forgive me if I don’t buy this latest load of crap coming from radical Democrats who have proven to have no concern for the lives of the average American out in fly-over country, but want total power to tax, control and destroy the economy and take away the liberties of the greatest nation on the planet. But even if one tries to ignore them, they WILL NOT go away. They must be defeated at the ballot box if we are to rid ourselves of this filthy vermin.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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