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Kevin McCarthy Challenges Democrats To Name One Problem They’ve Solved Since Winning The Majority

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy challenged Democrats on Wednesday to list the problems, if any, that the House of Representatives has solved under the new Democratic leadership.

“We are three days away from the 100-day mark of Democrats holding the majority of the House … and you can sum of the first hundred days in three words: radicalism, resistance and resolutions,” McCarthy said during a press conference outside the Capitol Building.

“I have one question for the Democrats after 100 days,” he continued. “What have you accomplished?”

McCarthy noted that the House was scheduled to vote on a two-year budget plan, but that Speaker Nancy Pelosi abandoned the vote after the progressive-wing of her caucus demanded more spending on social programs and revolted against the legislation.

“Nancy Pelosi is famous for years saying ‘show me your budget, show me your values,’ but today there will be no budget, and I question what their values stand for,” McCarthy said, stating that Democrats allowed “the socialist wing of their party to overtake it.”

“One-fifth of everything we have done on this floor for the last 100 days has been non-binding resolutions,” the Minority Leader told the crowd. “They took one up on healthcare that was going nowhere, but think, if we spent one-fifth of our time on lowering premiums, on working to bring greater choice or greater quality. Think if we spent one-fifth of our time to secure our border on the crisis that we have today. Or think for a moment that if we spent one-fifth of our time stopping infanticide.”

“Imagine what the Democrats have not done in those 100 days,” said McCarthy, reminding bystanders that the Senate bill to stand with Israel and end the boycott, divestments and sanctions (BDS) movement is sitting on Pelosi’s desk. He also added that House Republicans have requested unanimous consent on 31 separate occasions to take up legislation that would require medical care for babies who survive abortions.

“Later today [Democrats] will leave and go on their retreat,” he said. “They have many speakers. They’ve invited celebrities, not to perform, but to tell them what the ‘values’ of hardworking Americans are.”

“Name me one problem you have solved because the direction of the new radicalism, resistance and resolutions is not the direction America wants,” McCarthy concluded. “America deserves better.”

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