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Democrats Have Convinced A Majority Of American’s That Trump Didn’t Cut Their Taxes. They’re Wrong

Not even one in ten American taxpayers got a tax increase this year, but a New York Times survey reveals that many Americans believed they did not get tax cuts because of Democratic misrepresentation.

The New York Times conducted a survey through Survey Monkey in early April that found that 40 percent of Americans believed they had received a tax cut while only 20 percent definitively believed they had received a tax cut.

The reason for American doubts may have everything to do with Democratic misrepresentation of President Donald Trump’s signing of tax legislation in the fall of 2017, according to The New York Times.

“The vast majority of people did get a tax cut,” said H&R Block’s Tax Institute analyst Nathan Rigney to The New York Times, “just now we have real data to back that up.”

Though the Tax Policy Center predicted that few middle-class taxpayers would receive tax increases because of this Republican legislation, Democrats chose to emphasize other predictions that middle class taxpayers would receive tax increases in 2026.  This caused almost two-thirds of Americans and three-quarters of Democrats to believe they would not receive tax cuts in 2017, numbers which have hardly changed in this month’s NYT survey.

While many experts are divided on the tax legislation, the majority agree that most American incomes received tax cuts. Numbers from the Tax Policy Center show that 65 percent of Americans paid less, only six percent of Americans paid more, and the rest saw little variation.

Senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center Howard Gleckman said that the Democrats did a very good job at convicing Americans they would not benefit. “They were able to put that into the public perception, and the reality has been unable to break that perception,” Gleckman told the New York Times.

Karlyn Bowman, an analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, told Politico that  Republicans have “lost the ege” they once enjoyed as the party “best able to handle taxes.”

“Democrats seem to be making headway by hammering away at the rich not paying enough,” Bowman told Politico.

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  1. I do not know how anyone could come up with these Figures on$-2-19. I can tell you for a fact that the tax cuts cost my wife and I about $15,000.00. I am a salesman who is self employed and a real estate investor. The new tax plan took away my self paid exrpenses entertaining clients and travel expenses along with my property tax expenses. I believe that the number of American Taxpayers who made less this year are the middle class who got hosed again. The government always plays the same game. Republicans cut taxes and take away exemptions for the middle class and Democrats raise taxes but do not give exemptions back. The middle class always gets hosed!!!!!!!!!

  2. Blue State Bob Baker loses SALT & padded expense account. BOO-HOO ! Most Americans and the overall economy benefited massively from the tax cuts. Is Bob saying the taxes should have been raised instead?
    (BTW What does Bob sell?)

  3. Everyone did get a tax cut. Trrump cut the FICA tax so people had more money ion their paycheck each week..My wife got $15 more each week.He raised the deduction from $6000 under Obama to $12000 for a single person and $25,000 for a married couple from $6000 under Obama,Consequently we got a nice refund because of that.I asked my accountant if the deductions were for a certain income bracket and he said no it was for everyone. if a person made only $15,000 a year t hey wouldn’t pay any taxes. So it was not just a tax cut for the rich like the left likes to say.

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