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AOC Is The New Defacto Head Of The Democrat Party


When Alexandra Ocasio Cortez burst upon the Democrats in the house, she was there only a few weeks and she very cocky proclaimed “I’m the boss.” She came out with outlandish statements, didn’t know the three branches of government and said Republicans tried to amend the constitution to prevent FDR from becoming president even though that amendment didn’t come into existence until two years after Roosevelt died. Now she comes out with and her green new deal which calls for eliminating planes, trains and automobiles and only having electric cars, one per family and giving people who can’t or don’t want to work living wages and her fellow Dems went along with this absurdity her like so many sheep.


During a speech at the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner in Washington, President Trump slammed the AOC’s Green New Deal without referring to freshman congresswoman by name. Instead, he called the deal “the craziest thing” and referred to AOC as “a young bartender, 29-years-old.”

Trump seems mystified as to how a no-name 29-year-old has seemingly become one of the most powerful voices in the entire party — and he isn’t the only one.  The first time I heard it I said, “‘That’s the craziest thing.’ You have senators that are professionals, that you guys know that have been there for a long time … and they’re standing behind her shaking. They’re petrified of her.” Trump said, “In fact, If they beat me with the green new deal I deserve to lose.”

History has shown that freshman representatives — especially the younger ones — like to keep their heads down and their names out of the headlines during their first terms in office. They hope to set themselves up for re-election by learning the ropes and earning the backing of the more seasoned politicians in office. But when it comes to Ocasio-Cortez, that model was thrown right out the window.

She immediately made a splash in Washington, and now appears to be dictating party policy much more so than her party’s leader, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA). While Ocasio-Cortez sees the deal as the way to preserve our future, members of her own party — including Pelosi — have questioned whether the plan is even feasible. States that depend on the coal, oil, and natural gas industries for their economy would also run far away from Democrats who support a deal that would effectively bankrupt them.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) fired off a warning to President Donald Trump on Wednesday, “(the) Last guy who underestimated me lost. That’s all I gotta say about that,” in response to Trump mocking her Green New Deal as the product of a 29-year-old bartender.  Ocasio-Cortez made her comments to Newsweek.

Well, I have a comment to Cortez, The last woman who underestimated Trump lost too… in an electoral landslide. He’s not afraid of you.

Fox Business host Charles Payne says the freshman lawmaker has dramatically changed the Democrat Party by throwing her weight around on the Green New Deal and Rep. Omar controversy and has become the defacto head of the democrat party without a doubt. “All the Democrat candidates are behind her and jumping on this absurd green new deal thinking the world is going to end in 12 years and are in fact doubling down on it,” Payne recently said. Payne: Ocasio-Cortez has become the de facto leader of the Dem Party | Vote.net

Well if the world is going to end in 12 years and there is nothing we can do about it unless we follow Ocasio Cortez’ plan then you might as well just throw everything out the window and do whatever we want.

But now Cortez and her campaign manager Saikat  Chakrabarti are facing serious campaign violation charges by the FEC, this one accusing the progressive firebrand and her multi-millionaire campaign manager of running a “subsidy scheme” in violation of campaign finance laws.

Per Fox News:

“The crux of the complaint, which was given exclusively to Fox News in advance of its filing Wednesday, accused Ocasio-Cortez and her campaign manager, Saikat Chakrabarti, of overseeing a “shadowy web” of political action committees (PACs) that allowed them to raise more cash than they could have legally. It also alleged that a limited liability company (LLC) was created to avoid federal expenditure requirements by offering Ocasio-Cortez and other Democratic candidates political consulting services at a price so low that the company apparently shut down before the election was even over.

The complaint named Ocasio-Cortez, Chakrabarti (now her chief of staff), the Justice Democrats PAC, the Brand New Congress PAC and Brand New Congress LLC as the overlapping entities that aimed to “subsidize cheap assistance for Ocasio-Cortez and other candidates at rates far below market value.”

At the center of the complaint is Brand New Congress LLC, a now-defunct company owned by Chakrabarti that aimed to recruit up to 400 candidates for national office and “fully run all of their campaigns,” according to a post on the Justice Democrats PAC website.

“Chakrabarti was trying to create the Uber for politics,” said Dan Backer, the conservative attorney behind the complaint. “Uber functions because of a massive subsidy from venture capital. Here, it’s subsidized by these PACs to deliver a valuable service that people need and want, but can’t be delivered at the real cost of it.”

Backer further explained that Brand New Congress LLC is guilty of providing “in-kind” contributions to candidates – operating at a loss – by only charging them a fraction of the total cost.

Neither Ocasio-Cortez nor Chakrabarti have responded to calls for comment. Naturally they haven’t responded. They know they are guilty. The thing that bothers me the most is not what she has done. Nothing ever comes of these complaints. It’s that the powers to be in the Democrat party just keeping their mouths shut and starting to get as stupid as she is.

But Her “bridges” are on fire and burning down fast. Even her constituents are grumbling that her focus is on herself and becoming a superstar and she has forgotten about them. She hasn’t even been in office for half a year and she’s already got two or three investigations into her. Not a good start.

As the old expression says, “Oh what a tangled web we weave when trying to deceive.” And so it is with AOC.

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