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Vaper City Share 9 Simple Strategies That Can Help You Save Money on Vaping Products

Vaping can be an expensive pastime and anything you can do to save is a great thing.

We asked Vaper City and they shared 9 different strategies and tips to help you do so on all your vaping products. So, read on and get saving on your items.

Purchase Supplies Online

Even if there is a vape shop right in your local area, you can still benefit from buying all of your e- juice and accessories online. Online retailers usually don’t have as many operating expenses as traditional retail stores. As a result, they can offer their products at a lower price.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your vaping expenses, shopping on the Internet is a great solution. Compare vape prices to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

Vaper City is a great option in this regard, allowing you to compare prices online, as well as delivery times. There are over 1000 products on there from 30+ vendors. This allows you to compare and contrast prices and products and get the best possible option for you. You can even set up low price alerts, so you get a notification when prices on a particular item drops.

Write Reviews for Retailers

Some companies reward customers who leave reviews by offering them a discount on their products in exchange for a review. For instance, on the I Love E-Cigs site, you can not only get a 2% discount for being a member but you can also save 3% more by leaving a review. This adds up to a total savings of 5% on your order. If you don’t mind appearing in a video, you can also leave a video review that is half a minute long. In exchange, you can receive a coupon code for 25% off your order.

Choose E- Juice with a Higher Nicotine Content

Most online sellers that specialize in vaping products carry e- juice in a variety of different strengths. In most cases, you don’t have to pay more for increasing the nicotine content. For instance, it costs the same amount to buy vape juice in 3 mg and 24 mg strength. If you have been vaping for a long time and are used to using products that have less nicotine, you could wind up reducing the number of puffs you take each day by switching to e- juice with a higher nicotine content. Choosing products with more nicotine can leave you feeling more satisfied even if you use less product.

Choose A Cheap Device for Daytime Use

If you work in a place where you can’t vape on the job, you may want to opt for an inexpensive, no-frills vaping device for daytime use. Even though high-tech devices that have large batteries or that are capable of supporting sub ohm vaping can be fun to use, they aren’t really necessary during the day when you are at work. Opting for a basic vaping device can help keep you from burning through e-liquid, saving you a lot of money. Once you get home at night, you can go back to using your nicer devices and generating huge clouds of vapor.

Buy Pre-packaged Kits

Instead of buying pieces individually, consider buying them as a kit. Most kits come with batteries, a tank, a charger, and a mod. Typically, kit prices are cheaper than what you would pay if you bought all of the items separately.

Learn to Make Your Own Coils

There are a lot of great videos on YouTube showing how to make your own coils. This can save you a ton of money. Buying wire is a lot cheaper than paying for ready-made coils. Best of all, once you have your supplies, you can keep making coils for months at a time without any additional expense.

Learn to Make Your Own E- Juice

The ingredients used to make e- juice are readily available. Along with PG, VG, and flavors, you can also add nicotine. There are a lot of excellent recipes available for free on the Internet.

Fix Devices That Are Leaking

If you don’t fill your vape mod correctly or if you add too much e-liquid, you can easily damage it. No matter how long you have been vaping, it is easy to accidentally make this mistake. Unfortunately, it can cause e-liquid to get stuck in the center tube and can even cause leaks. Stopping up the leak, purchasing a new tank, or cleaning it out with a Q-tip can wind up saving you money on vape juice. Inspect your vaping devices on a regular basis to make sure they are functioning correctly so that you can minimize waste.

Try Not to Go Overboard with Vaping

Compared to using traditional cigarettes, vaping is cheap. Additionally, it is also a lot healthier. Even though those are both excellent benefits, they can cause people to spend too much of their time vaping. If you notice that you constantly are using your vape mod, try to pay a little bit better attention to your vaping habits. Do you vape to avoid reaching for a cigarette? Are you bored or simply vaping out of habit? Cutting back on the amount of time that you spend vaping can wind up saving you a lot of money on vape juice.

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