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Mother Whose Son Was Killed By An Illegal Immigrant Demands Justice After Judge’s Light Sentence


Cameo Robinson, whose son Jamar Beach was killed by an illegal immigrant, demanded justice after the killer was given a light sentence.

“My son, he was a very — he loved life. He lived life as if every day was the last day. And I didn’t intend for his last day to come so soon,” she said Wednesday on “Fox & Friends.”

Beach was riding his motorcycle in North Carolina back on September 1 when Cruz Carmona failed to yield and crashed into Beach’s bike. Beach was then decapitated as Carmona kept on driving.

“At that point, yes, it was an accident,” Robinson said. “However, Mr. Cruz Carmona never stopped. He decapitated my son and kept going with his body lodged in the side of the van. And so for me that’s not an accident. That was a choice at that point.”

Carmona only received 20-33 months in prison after prosecutors said they couldn’t pursue further charges without evidence, according to WRAL. With credit for time served, he could be released in as little as 14 months.

“For me, it comes to mind that you had no type of caring or empathy for life itself,” Robinson said.

“Because for you to drive away with a body lodged in a van and you were not alone. You had friends in the van. So for a van load full of people to have a body come across them, they had to move my son and then you parked the van in a parking space because I did look at the crime scene pictures. You parked in a parking space and walked 20 feet home or wherever you went to. And at that point, you never called the paramedics, the ambulance, or anything at that point.”

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Robinson said Carmona should be deported along with any illegal immigrant who commits a major crime.

“Him being in the country illegally, that is — there’s so much of that going on nowadays. Especially down in North Carolina, but his punishment should be deportation,” she said.

“And although he will probably return, that still should be his punishment because he’s committed a crime, so therefore, he doesn’t deserve the opportunity to live in the land of the free. Because he should have been at home taking care of his family. He is married, with two young children himself. So, for him to be here, making money and sending it home to Mexico either you stay in Mexico or you come here and get yourself legal and then start your life in the land of the free.”

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